Glenn Beck: America Is a ‘Petulant Child’ God Must Punish for Supporting Trump Over Cruz


In a tearful segment before a studio audience on Thursday, Glenn Beck said he believes America is a “petulant child” that God has warned repeatedly and now must punish.

Beck, a fervent supporter of Sen. Ted Cruz, campaigned tirelessly for the Texas senator, who he believed to be “the next George Washington” and a man “anointed” by God and “raised for these times.”

Cruz’s loss in the Indiana primary on Tuesday to the GOP’s now presumptive nominee Donald Trump was especially difficult for the radio talker because he views Trump as a Hitler-like psychopath.

Beck told his studio audience, “When we say we don’t know what the Lord has in store for us, oh I do: our reaping of what we have sown. So, I really think this was the last reckoning for us.”

“We just continue to make the wrong choice,” he added. “So, I would look for the things that we’re supposed to learn as individuals, but I think the country and all of us as individuals are going to reap what we have sown, and there’s nothing that’s going to get us out of that.”

Beck then spoke of God’s judgment in dire terms. “His consequences are eternal. And they are not judgments. They are promises. You do this, and this is what happens. You do this and this is what happens. We did that, so we’re going to get that.”

“Now, we can still turn to Him, which all of us have done it, and can say, ‘Help us make it easier. Help us learn from it. Help us help other people through it,’” he added.

“But I don’t think there’s a savior running in on a white horse because quite honestly — we’re a petulant child. We’re the child that we have talked to, we have reason with, we have put in timeout, we have grounded, we have spanked, and the behavior is getting worse,” Beck said.

He explained that God couldn’t dismiss our punishment after such petulant bad behavior because that would make God “a bad dad.”

“That would be a very bad dad,” he said. “And the one thing I know about God: He ain’t a bad dad.”

Later in the program, Beck claimed that Tuesday’s primary in Indiana “changed the course of the world.”

He highlighted the gravity of the voters’ decision to back Trump over Cruz by explaining that he views his vote “as my signature in a piece of evidence.”

“We are all responsible for the freedom of all mankind,” Beck said. “This freedom does not belong to us. We are stewards of this freedom. When we lose it here – wow, that’s a change; I’ve never said when — when we lose it here, the rest of the world loses it as well.”

“We are going to die and meet our Maker, and He’s going to say, ‘Let me see the evidence on you’ — because we were born at this time in this country because everyone of us are warriors. We don’t think of ourselves as this, but that’s what we are. And too many of us gave up. Too many of us. We had it within our grasp, and we gave up and gave into anger,” he said.

Beck expressed dismay that anyone could stand before God after voting for Donald Trump, who Beck considers a “narcissist sociopath.”

He said everyone wants to believe that Trump “can’t be that bad,” but that’s the “same damn thing everyone says before they elect a madman.”

In a segment on his show on Wednesday, Beck declared that Trump will lose to Hillary Clinton and the GOP will never be able to elect another president “because what’s going to happen is you are now going to have Hillary Clinton legalize as many voters as you can, the GOP is going to be completely racist – whether it’s true or not – because of Donald Trump. You will never have another Republican president ever again.”

The news of Indiana’s primary comes on the heels of a very difficult past week for Beck, following news of another round of mass layoffs at his troubled media empire. On Friday, after giving an impassioned “farewell address” of sorts to his 40 laid-off employees from his replica Oval Office, the former radio shock jock joined his co-hosts in donning swim goggles and rubbing his face in a bowl of crushed Cheetos to see if they could “look like Donald Trump.”


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