Los Angeles: Number-One Road Rage City in America

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Using the social media hashtag #RoadRage, an Auto survey of more than 65,000 Instagram posts concluded that the number-one road rage city in America is Los Angeles.

The posts were tracked and calculated by geotagging the user’s location, according to Fox 11.

Researchers found a whopping 5,183 Instagram users in the Los Angeles area who had used the hashtag #RoadRage. New York City came in second place, just ahead of Mount Pleasant, North Carolina.

According to Auto Insurance Center’s data, social media users experience #RoadRage the most during the month of August. The summer months typically see more cars on the road, as family vacations and road trips are at peak levels. July is the second-most ferocious month for American drivers, followed by October and March, which tied for third place.

Drivers who used the hashtag #RoadRage were also much more likely to post social media screeds containing words or phrases such as “stuck,” “work,” “traffic jam,” and “rush hour.” These drivers also used adjectives like “crazy,” “worst,” and “angry,” as well as employing profanity.

Honolulu, Hawaii; Portland, Oregon; and Scottsdale, Arizona, round out the bottom-three cities suffering from road rage.

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