Morgan Freeman: Hillary Clinton Will Stand For ‘Racial Justice’


Hillary Clinton is anxious to compete in the Democratic primary in Kentucky, particularly after suffering a humiliating loss in West Virginia.

Now she is relying on the golden voice of Morgan Freeman, to help turn out black voters in the state.

In a new, minute-long ad, Clinton begins by telling voters of what she calls “systemic racism” in the United States.

“We have to face up to the hard truths of injustice and systemic racism,” she says, recalling the wrongs suffered by African American voters in the justice system and at the hands of police officers.

Freeman follows up Clinton’s message, reminding voters of her record as a lawyer working for African-Americans.

“If you want to will stand up for racial justice, look to someone who always has,” Freeman concludes.

Kentucky’s Democratic primary will take place on May 17.


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