Mike Huckabee: Mitt Romney ‘Making the Same Unfair Attack on Trump that was Launched Against him in 2012’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (L) listens as fellow candidate Mike Huckabee speaks to veterans at Drake University on January 28, 2016 in Des Moines, Iowa.
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee criticizes Mitt Romney for a recent Facebook post, in which the 2012 Republican nominee says it’s “disqualifying” for Donald Trump not to release his tax returns.

“I supported Romney, just as I will Trump, despite having serious differences with both. I believe that if you’re a Republican, then you respect the voters’ choice,” Huckabee wrote, according to Politico.  Huckabee titled his post on his website: “Romney’s motto ‘Do unto Others as has been done unto me.'”

“But I am especially disappointed in Mitt for this latest attack,” Huckabee criticized. “He’s not only trying to sink his own party’s presumptive nominee, but he’s factually incorrect and he’s making the same unfair attack on Trump that was launched against him in 2012.”

Huckabee explained that he doesn’t think candidates should be forced to provide personal tax returns, saying the forms don’t reveal much about the candidate to voters, but could release a “treasure trove for opponents to lift items out of context to make him look shady.”

“If Mitt Romney wants to talk about taxes while showing the world what a real Republican stands for, he should stop trying to destroy the party’s presumptive nominee and instead aim his fire at a more appropriate target: the 70,000-plus-page tax code,” Huckabee challenged.