Audio File: Phyllis Schlafly Rallies Tens of Thousands Nationwide to Her Side as She Defends Against Internal Coup Efforts

Phyllis Schlafly for Trump Seth PerlmanAP
Seth Perlman/AP

Eagle Forum chairman and founder Phyllis Schlafly is mobilizing the grassroots across America, asking them to help her shut down a coup attempt against her, led by several supporters of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), over her decision to back billionaire Donald Trump in the 2016 GOP presidential primary.

Schlafly says in a robo-call sent out to more than 123,000 conservatives nationwide, obtained by Breitbart News:

Hello, this is Phyllis Schlafly, founder and chairman of Eagle Forum. We’ve been fighting for conservative causes and against liberals for so many years. Unfortunately today, I find myself having to fight back against people who have sued Eagle Forum and dragged me into court. I’m fighting to protect what you and I have built over 40 years away from people who want to take over. They’ve even tried to seize Eagle Forum’s bank accounts. It’s very wrong.

Schlafly is referencing how several board members who supported Cruz in the primary—even while she endorsed Trump—launched an effort to depose her as chairman of Eagle Forum. Breitbart News published a 10,000 word investigation into the matter a few weeks ago, while Cruz was still in the race, showing how at least one of the reasons why these plotters against Schlafly and everything she stands for was Schlafly’s endorsement of Trump.

Schlafly’s endorsement proved to be critical, as Trump won Missouri—her home base, and the home base of Cruz’s campaign manager Jeff Roe—by a hair. Cruz was expected to win Missouri, and the timeline of events here in this scandal shows that the Cruz backers inside Eagle Forum began aggressively targeting Schlafly in a vindictive manner almost immediately after she helped deliver Trump a show-me-state win.

Breitbart News’s investigative report shows that Roe was intricately involved in this matter, as communications from inside Eagle Forum were illicitly leaked by the plotters against Schlafly or their allies to him—and he confronted Schlafly’s allies inside Eagle Forum about them.

Now that the primary is over, and Cruz has lost while Trump is the official presumptive GOP presidential nominee, the Cruz-backing plotters inside Eagle Forum continue their vindictive assault on Schlafly in court. Among those targeting Schlafly are her own daughter, Anne Cori, while Schlafly’s sons John, Bruce, and Andy stand by her side, as does Eagle Forum president and Schlafly’s handpicked successor Ed Martin.

Schlafly’s robo-call goes even further, naming each of the conspirators against her—the only one who hadn’t officially endorsed Cruz in the primary was Shirley Curry—and even noting her daughter Cori is the leader of the quixotic effort. Schlafly goes on in the message to release her daughter’s cell phone number, and asks more than one hundred thousand activists nationwide to call her daughter to drop the legal battle against her and everything she believes in.

At this point, since Cruz has lost the primary, the legal fight is costing Eagle Forum and all sides of this matter hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted legal fees, she says — resources that could be used to defeat liberalism in every form over the crucial next several months.

“Since this has been covered in the press, it’s no secret anymore,” Schlafly continues. “Please help me stop these people from going after me and the organization that I have devoted my life to building. The names of the people suing Eagle Forum are Anne Cori, Eunie Smith, Cathie Adams, Carolyn McLarty, Shirley Curry, and Rosina Kovar. They are board members of one of my organizations and now they’re making us spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal bills. Please call Anne Cori, the leader of this effort, at 314-369-6144 and ask her to stop all of this. This is Phyllis Schlafly and I need your help in this fight. Please help any way you can.”


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