Victim Dragged for Blocks by Previously-Deported Illegal Alien Felon Sues for $1 Million

Artemio Gomez-Avila mugshot APD

A woman dragged for blocks by an illegal alien felon who struck her as she rode a bicycle on March 29 in Austin, Texas is suing him for $1 million, she declared during a May press conference largely ignored by the mainstream media.

“I was being dragged with my back on the pavement. I held as well as I could on the underside of the truck,” said Elizabeth English. ““I waited in a puddle of my own blood and saw the police and ambulance arrived.”

“They used what was left from the rest of my leg to fashion a thigh that at one point will be able to have a prosthetic leg. They also made me a butt,” she said, managing to smile.

“My life did not flash before my eyes, but in my head I kept repeating, ‘This is not how I die,'” she said. “Someone in the neighborhood covered up what was left of me with a blanket. I lost my leg and my pelvis and a lot of things but the upper half [of my body] was saved and that’s where all the good stuff is.”

Artemio Gomez Avila, a previously-deported illegal alien from Mexico, struck English and kept driving despite her screams, dragging her for nearly 2,000 feet before English somehow freed herself from the underside of his truck. English managed to hold her head up while being dragged, saving her life.

But disfiguring injuries from her encounter with the Mexican illegal alien are utterly life-altering and frightening in their severity. One horrified witness said English “didn’t look human. She looked like an animal initially. Then after seeing that, we noticed it was a person.” There is no skin left on her back. Her lower spine was exposed. She lost her right pelvis and buttock.

Aliva has been charged with a third-degree felony of failure to stop and render aid with serious bodily injury, according to He fled the scene but thanks to witnesses’ descriptions of his vehicle, he was apprehended the next day.

Aliva’s rap sheet shows public intoxication charges in 1998, a DWI in 1999, and he was convicted of felony burglary in 2008 and deported that same year.  Like millions of his fellow Mexicans, he took advantage of the ruling class’s reluctance to stem the flow of illegal immigration and broke back into the country.

English’s attorney believes Aliva was also intoxicated when he hit and dragged his victim: “Our primary objective is to find out where he was drinking that day, how much he had to drink, and where he got the alcohol from,” he said at the conference.

English’s medical costs continue to mount, but a GoFundMe for English has raised over $58,000 for her to date. The fundraiser states that she requires daily surgeries to remove damaged tissues before she can receive skin grafts.

English is yet another American whose life has been irreversibly altered by illegal immigration and her story has been ignored by major networks quick to gin up sympathy for foreign lawbreakers.


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