Politics 101: Bill Kristol Has History of Inaccurate Predictions

AP/Janet Van Ham

Bill Kristol doesn’t have an “impressive” third-party challenger with a “real chance” of winning in November’s presidential election.

Perennial presidential loser Mitt Romney would be the most Kristol could hope for, and Mitt couldn’t beat John McCain or Barack Obama, so even Mitt wouldn’t have a “real chance.”

While it is within the realm of possibility that Kristol finally convinced someone to launch a hopeless campaign to spite Donald Trump, it’s more likely that Kristol was just engaging in wishful thinking:

After the media firestorm, Kristol’s little tweet created, he returned to Twitter claiming to have “unnerved” Donald Trump with his unsubstantiated claim.

For Kristol it isn’t even the first time this election cycle he has made bogus claims about a candidate entering the race. Late last year he claimed to have information that Vice President Joe Biden would get into the race:

Before that, in June 2015 he claimed to even have information on Biden’s running mate:

Like many establishment “analysts” this election cycle Kristol has gotten nearly everything wrong:

Dustin Stockton is a political reporter for Breitbart News, a community liaison for Gun Owners of America, and a political strategist. Follow him on Twitter @DustinStockton or Facebook


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