Report: For Major Nurses Union It’s Bernie or Bust

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National Nurses United, a nearly 200,000 member union that has spent millions supporting Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, isn’t interested in unifying behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, at least not yet.


While Hillary Clinton tries to bring the nomination battle to a close and unite the party before the general election showdown with presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, the nurses are having none of it. They are looking for a fight.

On a desk at the union’s headquarters here sits a gag gift called “The Hillary Clinton Voodoo Kit,” complete with pushpins and a miniature doll. “Stick it to her before she sticks it to you!” the cover reads.

The Nurses Union, which supports the single-payer policy promoted by Sanders and opposed by former Secretary Clinton, is spending big money trying to propel Senator Sanders to a come-from-behind victory in Tuesday’s California primary. According to the report:

In their latest campaign, the nurses have spent $4.2 million promoting the Sanders candidacy, much of in California, which holds its presidential primary next Tuesday.

The union aired radio ads and posted Sanders billboards. They filled a customized bus as it traversed the San Diego area last week to stump for the Vermont senator. Actress Rosario Dawson and Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream dished out Cherry Garcia scoops at stops, aided by nurses in bright red Sanders shirts. Later, the bus stopped at a medical center to greet fellow health care workers making a shift change with burritos and Sanders campaign memorabilia.

Senator Sanders and his supporters, including the National Nurses United, are making several credible arguments as to why the Vermont Senator has put together a superior campaign. Sanders has consistently polled better than Clinton in a hypothetical general election match-up against Donald Trump. While Clinton has struggled with grassroots fundraising, the Sanders campaign has received more than eight million individual contributions averaging just twenty-seven dollars each. Sanders is drawing massive and energetic crowds while the Clinton campaign is having small, heavily managed and staged events.

Many in the media are claiming that former Secretary Clinton is less than a hundred delegates away from securing the nomination, but those projections take into account the hundreds of superdelegates who have said they will support Clinton but are free to change their minds at any time. Sanders’ supporters like to point out that President Obama was successfully able to convince hundreds of superdelegates to switch their support away from Clinton in 2008.

Echoing Sanders, National Nurses United is promising to take the primary fight all the way to the Democrat nominating convention in Philadelphia in July.

Dustin Stockton is a political reporter for Breitbart News, a community liaison for Gun Owners of America, and a political strategist. Follow him on Twitter@DustinStockton or Facebook


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