‘Women Vote Trump’ Group to Promote GOP Nominee, Rally Women Voters

Women Vote Trump

Three veteran conservative operatives have launched “Women Vote Trump,” an independent expenditures political action committee focused on mobilizing women supporters of the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee Donald J. Trump.

The project was born of frustration, said Ann Stone, the former wife of political consultant Roger Stone and a long-time activist in the Virginia Republican Party. “It was the frustration of the Left and everyone in the media saying things about Trump that I knew were patently false.”

Joining Stone were Kathryn Serkes and Amy Kremer, along with members of their advisory board, YouTube sensations Diamond and Silk , plus actress Stacey Dash. The committee already has more than two dozen state coordinators and is working off a plan that calls for raising $30 million.

They launched at a Thursday press conference at Washington’s National Press Club 

Diamond and Silk , whose short videos routinely generate hundreds of thousands of views, told Breitbart News they were thrilled to be a part of Women Vote Trump.

“He’s a job creator, a motivator, and a negotiator and he’ll keep us safe,” they said. “Donald Trump talks about all the new people he’s brought into the Republican Party–well we are those people. We are the new Republicans”

Contributors are already working with Women Vote Trump and there has been strong encouragement from Republicans on Capitol Hill, Stone said. “We called a very senior female member of Congress to tell her about our launch and she immediately said: ‘It’s about time.’”

Stone, who worked for Trump when he hired her public relations firm to handle publicity for the Trump Shuttle, said in her decades of knowing Trump and knowing women in the New York City developer’s professional and personal life, she never saw him act inappropriately—or heard those women say he had acted inappropriately. “There was never any disrespect.”

Trump’s record of hiring, promoting and entrusting women has been cutting edge, especially considering he was supporting women 40 years ago, she said.

Serkes said back in the 1970s and 1980s, it was unheard of to hire women in construction or high-end real estate. “I am all about defeating Hillary Clinton,” Serkes said. “I have personal experience going up against the Clinton Machine,” she said. “The tactics they used against us? It got personal. Very personal. Nothing I would say on the record, but I have seen her machine in action.”

The problem Trump has, Stone said, is  that sometimes his words are coarse. “Back in his playboy days or on Howard Stern, he said things that were indelicate. But, if Bill or Hillary Clinton were in those settings, who knows what people would have heard,” she said.

“What’s good is that lately he’s figured that out,” she said. “Now, he is quick to clarify, when they get things wrong, because sometimes Trump-speak is a little tricky.”

“All I am saying is judge him on his deeds, not his words,” she said. “I know some of his words suck, but judge him on his deeds.”

Serkes said Women Vote Trump will address the reportage that is biased against Trump. “A story came out that said Trump paid women less,” she said. “But, then Trump went back and checked and found that the story was not true. Yet, the media never reports that Hillary paid women in her Senate office, the Clinton Foundation, and at the campaign anywhere from 25 to 38 percent less than men.”

For Serkes, who was part of a long legal battle with the Clinton White House over its failure to disclose who were the people outside the administration helping to draft Hillary’s healthcare initiation, it was Madeline Albright’s dismissal of women who were not supporting the former first lady that motivated her to start Women Vote Trump. “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other,” Albright said as she was campaigning for Hillary Clinton in February 2016. 

“What I say is that there is a special place in Hell for women who go and attack their husband’s sexual victims,” Serkes said.


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