Diamond, Silk Hammer Hillary Clinton in North Carolina: ‘Can’t Let a Crook Off the Hook’

Diamond and Silk for Trump

Diamond and Silk, early supporters of Donald Trump for president, introduced the billionaire businessman and presumptive GOP presidential nominee on Tuesday in North Carolina—firing up the crowd, and hammering former Secretary of State and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as a “crook.”

“We’re not going to be fooled by our President and Crooked Hillary,” Diamond said about the terrorist attack in Orlando on Sunday. “This is not about guns, this is about Radical Islamic Terrorism. We call it like we see.”

Specifically, she targeted Clinton for taking Clinton Foundation cash from countries that oppress women and gays.

She went on to say that despite efforts by the mainstream media “demanding women vote the other way, well I’m sorry I can’t let a crook off the hook… You say that you are for women’s issues, but how can you be for women when you take money from countries that suppress women. That’s why we call her crooked!”

They opened up their speech by rallying all Americans including the LGBT community onto the “Trump Train.” Diamond said:

You know we just want to say to the LGBT community that we are united and we stand with them, and an attack on one America is an attack on all America. And since our President seems to be a little perplexed and don’t understand the perplexity of what’s going on, Mr. President it’s called Radical Islamic Terrorism. And in case you don’t know what’s going on, they’re chopping off heads, they’re killing gay people, they’re killing up Christians, and somebody’s got to talk about it.

Diamond and Silk became YouTube sensations after their viral videos on the Viewers View YouTube Channel in favor of Trump’s candidacy for president shocked the political media last summer. They have been a mainstay at Trump’s side ever since.


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