Meet the Press: Democrats Teeing Up Gun Control for Possible Hillary Clinton Presidency

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During the panel discussion of June 19’s Meet the Press, Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin said the gun control being discussed at now is actually just a Democrat-led attempt to tee up gun control for a possible Hillary Clinton presidency.

Halperin made this observation after host Chuck Todd said Democrats “merged terrorism and guns” post-Orlando in an attempt to push gun control through. But Halperin explained that the Democrats’ push is not really about what they believe they can pass now. Rather, it is what they plan to get with Clinton.

He said:

Democrats are on the precipice of nominating the most pro-gun control candidate in the history of either party and she can claim a mandate if she wins this election. The NRA still dominates the House–the House isn’t going to budge–so I can’t imagine significant legislation now.

But next year, if Hillary Clinton wins with coat tails…[that] brings in a clear mandate for a lot of provisions that have never been talked about.

Todd then pointed to a Washington Post story and suggested “the gay community” may be ready to line up for gun control.

Breitbart News previously reported that gun sales skyrocketed for gays and lesbians following the terror attack on the gay nightclub in Orlando.

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