Hillary Clinton’s Policies Created Conditions for Rise of Islamic State

White House Photo / Pete Souza
White House Photo / Pete Souza

Americans are once again forced to face the threat of ISIS-inspired terrorism, and now it’s up to Donald Trump and the Republican leadership to make damn sure everyone knows how Hillary Clinton caused this mess.

One key to stopping this long international nightmare of Islamic terrorism will be reminding American voters every single day between now and November that the foreign policy decisions of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton caused the rise of ISIS.

The history is very clear. When Barack Obama took office in 2008 with Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State, one of his first moves on foreign policy was his New Beginning speech in Cairo, Egypt. With members of the Muslim Brotherhood in attendance, Pres. Obama claimed a new era had begun in America’s attitude toward Islam.

What followed was the “Arab Spring” uprisings throughout the region. Even though people initially hailed these as bold moves by people desperate for freedom, the “Arab Spring” was, in fact, a way for Islamists to dethrone the region’s more secular military dictators. Cairo itself made this clear: just months after Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton declared a new beginning, rebels removed Hosni Mubarak from office, and the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood came to power and installed brutal sharia law.

The single biggest factor that led to the rise of ISIS was the failed attempt to overthrow Syrian Pres. Bashar al-Assad. The United States openly called for the overthrow of Assad, even though it was clear that the result of that overthrow would be Islamist groups taking over.

Syria proved to be resistant to the Obama/Clinton calls for regime change. Instead of the quick overthrow that happened in Egypt, Assad, aided by the Russians and opposed by the U.S., held on – even as the United States was giving weapons to the so-called “rebels” that would eventually find their way into the hands of Islamist groups.

This power vacuum in Syria created the conditions for ISIS to rise. In Iraq, the continued withdrawals that happened under Hillary Clinton’s watch created another power vacuum that led to ISIS gaining more land and resources.

This interview, which I did with Clare Lopez from the Center for Security Policy, gives even more detail — in just five minutes.


The mainstream media has done nothing to explain this to the American people.

However, simply complaining about the mainstream media is not enough. The stakes are too high to let mere grumbling suffice.

No, what needs to happen is that the Donald Trump campaign and the Republican Party need to realize that the ball is in their court when it comes to bringing Americans the truth. Trump, his surrogates, his supporters, and every single Republican politician needs to take this responsibility seriously and lay out a factual case for the American people, as often as possible.

The real danger here is that Republicans are so used to losing the public relations battle that they give it up before it even starts. After years of being battered by the institutional left media complex, Republicans are too used to cowering and surrendering.

There needs to be an immediate commitment to clear-eyed truth-telling by the GOP… otherwise, America is in for four years of Clinton once again setting foreign policy.


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