Wayne LaPierre: Democrats Push to Disarm Us as Terrorists Crouch at the Door

Getty Images / Photo of NRA's Wayne LaPierre
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During a June 19 appearance on Face the Nation, the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre warned that terrorists “are on the verge of overwhelming us,” yet the Democrats’ focus is on more gun control for law-abiding citizens.

LaPierre said an appeal to gun control in the face of terrorism is like trying “to stop a freight train with a piece of Kleenex.” And he suggested the push for more gun laws is, in part, a Democrat-sponsored diversion from this administration’s failure to keep Americans safe.

Regarding terrorists, LaPierre said:

I think we need to look right in the face of what these people are that we’re facing: they don’t care about the law. Laws didn’t stop them in Boston, laws didn’t stop them in San Bernardino, where you had every type of gun control law you can have, and they didn’t stop them in Paris, where people can’t even own guns.

Think about the last portion of LaPierre’s statement: “[Laws] didn’t stop [terrorists] in Paris, where people can’t even own guns.” Yet the Democrats and their surrogates are seizing on the Orlando terror attack as justification for further limiting the gun rights of law-abiding citizens.

LaPierre added:

We all mourn for what happened. … But we face a terrorist challenge where they’re on the verge of overwhelming us. What happened this past week is, the president, the whole gun ban movement, said, hey, don’t look at terrorists. Look over here. Divert your attention. Take your eyes off the problem, because they don’t want to face the embarrassment of their failure in this terrorist area, and they want to cover their butts and not talk about it.

LaPierre warned that every American needs to have “a security plan” because the terrorists are coming.

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