Exclusive Excerpt — Eric Bolling’s ‘Wake Up America’ Paints Picture of Day Hillary Clinton Inaugurated If She Wins

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Fox News’s Eric Bolling is coming out with a new book, Wake Up America, on Tuesday that focuses on the problems facing the country right now. Bolling, one of the few newsmen at the Fox News Channel who has actually understood the outsider effect of Donald Trump upon the electorate, which led the billionaire to win the GOP nomination, paints a gruesome picture of the day of Hillary Clinton’s inauguration if she wins the White House.

The book is so powerful, in fact, that even Trump himself recommends it—calling the book “huge” and saying on the back cover that it will help “Make America Great Again.”

Bolling has been one of the leading outsider voices on a network that didn’t seem to ever get it right with the rise of Trump, and has had to fight back against pro-establishment people even on his own programs like The Five.

Below is the excerpt, and Bolling’s book is available online on his website and in bookstores across America on Tuesday.

January 20, 2017.

Inauguration Day.

A very cold day in America.

It’s late January, so naturally there will be a chill in the air. The wind will whip through the crowds gathered in front of the U.S. Capitol building. However, the throngs gathered for this historic occasion will not be bothered by the cold. The true faithful wouldn’t miss this for the world. They’ve waited for this day for a long time. They’ve marched, they’ve chanted, they’ve occupied, from college campuses to urban centers, just to make this possible. Today, the foot soldiers of the American Leftist movement will gain their triumph. Today, Hillary Rodham Clinton will take the oath of office as the forty-fifth President of the United States.

On the stage with Clinton are the cast of characters who will make up her administration. There’s her husband, former President Bill Clinton—welfare reformer and signer of the Defense of Marriage Act, he’s easily the most conservative person on the platform. All he can think about, of course, is getting back into the White House, his old stomping grounds. He tries to remember if the interns start arriving on Day One. He hopes so. The sooner the better. His role in this administration will be mostly ceremonial—a few speeches here and there, a charm offensive ready for deployment when needed. He’ll have few official duties, and plenty of time for his own extracurricular activities.

Seated nearby is another familiar face: Al Gore. Once Bill Clinton’s Vice President, he’s returning now as Secretary of Energy. The man who made a career out of scolding Americans for their use of evil fossil fuels—while keeping his motorcade idling outside during his speeches—will finally be able to make his environmentalist dreams into reality.

Another Al isn’t far away: Al Sharpton, longtime activist for “social justice” and failed MSNBC TV host. The American public never quite caught on to the Reverend Al’s unique blend of shameless self-promotion and race-baiting on MSNBC—his ratings were always terrible—but his politics line up nicely with the new President’s, and he was a loyal mouthpiece on the campaign trail. So, he has been rewarded with the post of Secretary of Education. And his job is about to get a lot bigger.

Also on the stage is a man whose presence at this occasion would have seemed unthinkable six months ago—but that’s politics. He is former Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the committed “Democratic socialist” who ended up giving Hillary Clinton a run for her money in the Democrat primary. Despite being in his seventies—only a few years older than the new President—Sanders is revered by many as the fresh face of a resurgent American brand of socialism, which was firmly em- braced by the new commander in chief in her drive to win at all costs. Officially, Sanders’s role in the new administration will be fixing “income inequality”—by any means necessary. However, the well-known friend to socialists around the world— who took his wife to the former Soviet Union for their honeymoon—is expected to advise Clinton on foreign policy matters as well, especially on how the United States can integrate more fully into worldwide collectivist movements.

President Hillary Clinton’s inaugural address will be a rousing one. As the masses listen below and watch on televisions around the globe, she will spell out her agenda for America’s long march into the twenty-first century. She will not speak of American leadership on the world stage—not even “leading from behind” as President Obama put it—but of simple “participation” in world affairs. We will end war, she proclaims to thundering cheers, by taking America out of the business of shaping the world’s destiny. After all, the new President will remind us, what right have we to tell other countries what to do when our own situation is so flawed? Ironically, in years past it was Hillary Clinton who led President Obama to topple secular dictators in the Middle East in favor of radical Islamic leadership.

She will then proceed to remind us of all the social ills that plague our fellow Americans—poverty, homelessness, stagnant wages, inflating health-care costs. She will waste no time in pointing out that these are all the fault of the greedy, heartless corporations that have controlled business and politics in this country for far too long. In another carefully delivered applause line, President Clinton will remind her audience that she is in office now in order to make sure the evil corporations pay for what they’ve done—in every sense of the word.

She promises the audience at her inauguration a brand-new era—an era without uncertainty, an era without risk, an era of absolute fairness and equity. The gap between rich and poor in America will no longer be bridged, she says, but the two sides of the canyon will be shoved back together. The seas will be un-parted. No American will be left wondering why their neighbor seems to have more than they do.

The crowd hangs on her every word, and cheers for every promise. This made all the “safe space” demonstrations and Occupy protests worth it. This is what they’d been fighting for. This is what generations of Leftists before them had been fighting for. President Hillary Clinton has shown them the mountaintop—but what does the path to the summit of socialism look like?


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