#NeverTrump’s Bill Kristol Floats McCain for President, McCain’s Primary Opponent Pounces

Kelli Ward 3

#NeverTrump leader Bill Kristol is floating a new name in his search for an establishment presidential candidate to mount an independent run to undermine presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump: John McCain.

Kristol tweets that McCain was in DC raising money for his Senate reelection bid against his conservative primary challenger, Dr. Kelli Ward.

Dr. Ward — who polls have shown tied with Senator McCain in the Republican primary on August 30 — pounced on the Kristol tweets.

“Hillary Clinton supporter Bill Kristol is the worst sort of establishment hack,” she said in a statement to Breitbart News.

It’s really no surprise that he’s helping John McCain raise big bucks from the big government crowd in DC. Thankfully, conservative donors all across America who want to retire McCain are donating to our campaign at www.kelliward.com.

Both have worked hand in hand with Hillary and Obama to send weapons to jihadists and ISIS. Now both are working to divide the Republican party by undermining our nominee. That’s why John McCain is losing the general election in a reliably red state to a rubber stamp Obama Democrat.

John McCain has always had one foot across the aisle, but now the other is in the political grave. The very fact that he is thinking about running as an independent shows how endangered he is in the primary now that he is facing a conservative champion who will finally mix the mortar to fix the border.

McCain was almost John Kerry’s Vice Presidential nominee in 2004. After he loses his primary, he would be a prime contender for Secretary of Defense in a potential Clinton administration due to his lenient stance on terrorist interrogation. Hillary would give him a blank check to arm ISIS some more and give them cupcakes in a safespace once they have been captured.

After the meeting Kristol also tweeted out a story about McCain, offering his support for a convention revolt against Trump. The goal would be to change the rules of the RNC convention to unbind delegates so that the establishment can replace Trump. McCain offered his support.


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