Senators Push Immigration Enforcement Bill, Name It ‘Sarah’s Law,’ for Graduate Killed by Drunk Illegal

Eswin Mejia and Sarah Root

Four Republican Senators have teamed up to push “Sarah’s Law,” a new immigration enforcement bill that is named for the 21-year-old star graduate Sarah Root who was killed in January by an Honduran illegal alien who had been shipped into the interior by President Barack Obama’s orders.

Eswin Mejia was drunkenly street-racing at 70 MPH when he reared-ended Root’s auto the night she graduated. The impact “severed her spine and broke her skull in two places when her head came back and hit the headrest,” her father told Breitbart News. Mejia vanished after a judge set his bail below what it cost Root’s family to bury her and low enough for his illegal alien brother to pay.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency didn’t keep Mejia in prison for later repatriation because holding the killer was not an “enforcement priority” for Obama’s agency.

Mejia got into the country and then into Nebraska by declaring himself an “unaccompanied minor” to Obama’s border agency.

The new Sarah’s Law would require immigration officials to detain illegal aliens suspected of killing or maiming someone, according to a news release published by WOWT-News:

Sarah’s Law would amend the mandatory detention provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act to require the federal government to take custody of anyone who entered the country illegally, violated the terms of their immigration status, or had their visa revoked and is thereafter charged with a crime resulting in the death or serious bodily injury of another person. The legislation also requires ICE to make reasonable efforts to identify and provide relevant information to the crime victims or their families.

Nebraska Sens. Deb Fisher and Ben Sasse, along with Iowa Sens. Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst have introduced the bill.

Illegal aliens driving drunk and without licenses have menaced American streets and neighborhoods for decades, since the U.S. political establishment refuses to enforce immigration laws.

Emergency responder Dominic Durden died in 2012 after an unlicensed illegal alien with two DUI convictions struck him head-on while Durden drove to work.

Mesa, Arizona police sergeant Brandon Mendoza died in 2014 when a drunk illegal alien driving on the wrong side of the highway ran into him in a head-on collision.

Previously-deported illegal alien Artemio Gomez Avila struck and dragged psychiatry student Elizabeth English nearly 2,000 feet on an Austin, Texas road in March, tearing off her leg, buttock, and pelvis, stripping all of the skin from her back and leaving her spine exposed. She now requires daily surgeries to keep her wounds clean as she waits for skin grafts.

Illegal alien Esteysi “Stacy” Sanchez pled not guilty to a felony DUI, a felony hit-and-run, and gross vehicular manslaughter charges on Wednesday after striking a homeless man while driving drunk in Oceanside, California. An immigration hold has been placed on her and she does not have a driver’s license, according to deputy district attorney Aimee McLeod. Bail is set at $1.5 million.

The victim, 69-year-old Jack Ray Tenhulzen, was walking from a soup kitchen when Sanchez struck him on Monday morning after she spent the night partying with friends. She hit him so hard one of his legs was torn from his waist and flew through the back window to land on the top of Sanchez’s trunk.

Oceanside Police Sgt. Jeff Brandt told the Washington Post the victim was “impaled into the vehicle” as Sanchez continued to drive for nearly a mile with the victim’s body lodged in her windshield. Sanchez reportedly told police she had fallen asleep and woke up only when glass shards blew into her face during the impact. Eyewitnesses described the grisly crash as “horrific” and “traumatizing.”

It’s unlikely the bill would ever pass in the House.

Speaker Paul Ryan has publicly said he will not push Kate’s Law — another law named after another young woman killed by an illegal alien — because he doesn’t want to “clog” jails with illegal alien drunk drivers killing and maiming Americans. “What we have to figure out is how do we write Kate’s Law so that we’re not clogging up our jails so much for, say, DUI, but for the true violent criminals? … We need to get the details right,” he said in June.

Ryan’s first major legislative achievement in his job as Speaker was passing an omnibus bill that fully funded Obama’s illegal, unilateral amnesty for illegal aliens like Root’s killer one month before Root was killed by an illegal alien.


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