Drunk Driving

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Hall of Famer Rodman Admits Drunk Driving

Los Angeles (AFP) – Dennis Rodman, a five-time NBA champion and sometime buddy of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was sentenced to three years’ probation on Monday after admitting drunk-driving.

A man has been arrested after ploughing his car into a …

Man Arrested After Running Car Off Road, Injuring Five

A man has been arrested after ploughing his car into a crowd of pedestrians in south-east London, injuring five.  At least one person was trapped under the vehicle when it careered off the road at around 8.20am on Sunday morning. The


Police: Drunk Driver Blames Crash on Anger over Trump Victory

A drunk driver with a BAC of .33 crashed into two vehicles at a traffic stop in Minnesota Wednesday and told police officers she was drinking to drown her sorrows about President-elect Donald Trump’s victory, authorities said.


Mel Gibson Seeks Forgiveness from Hollywood

Academy Award-winning director Mel Gibson is seeking forgiveness from Hollywood ten years after a drunk-driving arrest and an anti-Semitic tirade left him exiled from the film industry.

HPD - DUI - Fatal Crash

Previously Deported Illegal Alien Allegedly Killed Prom Teen

The man that Houston police say was driving drunk and evading arrest when he crashed into a car, killing a young woman on her way home from the prom, is listed by federal officials as a previously deported illegal alien.

HPD - DUI - Fatal Crash

Drunk Driver Evades Arrest, Kills Prom Teen, Say Police

A man believed to be driving drunk took police on a short but deadly chase as he reportedly blasted through a red light killing one teen and injuring another. The two teens had just left their high school prom only an hour or so before.

Tributes Are Left At Scene Of Fatal Accident In Bath

Drink Driving Hotspots Linked to High Migrant Populations

Britain’s drink driving hotspots are located in areas with high migrant populations, it has been revealed. Three of the top ten worst areas have large Eastern European populations, who are generally not as aware of the dangers of drink driving