Drunk Driving

AP Kim Hwang Hyon

Hall of Famer Rodman Admits Drunk Driving

Los Angeles (AFP) – Dennis Rodman, a five-time NBA champion and sometime buddy of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was sentenced to three years’ probation on Monday after admitting drunk-driving.

A man has been arrested after ploughing his car into a …

Man Arrested After Running Car Off Road, Injuring Five

A man has been arrested after ploughing his car into a crowd of pedestrians in south-east London, injuring five.  At least one person was trapped under the vehicle when it careered off the road at around 8.20am on Sunday morning. The


Police: Drunk Driver Blames Crash on Anger over Trump Victory

A drunk driver with a BAC of .33 crashed into two vehicles at a traffic stop in Minnesota Wednesday and told police officers she was drinking to drown her sorrows about President-elect Donald Trump’s victory, authorities said.


Mel Gibson Seeks Forgiveness from Hollywood

Academy Award-winning director Mel Gibson is seeking forgiveness from Hollywood ten years after a drunk-driving arrest and an anti-Semitic tirade left him exiled from the film industry.