Kellyanne Conway: Donald Trump Will Compete in Places Where Mitt Romney ‘Completely Cratered’

Chris Carlson, Rogelio V. Solis/AP

Kellyanne Conway, senior adviser to Donald Trump campaign Chairman Paul Manafort, joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon to discuss the 2016 campaign, including how things currently stand in Ohio.

Conway pointed out that Trump “sees this as a national political movement, and that’s very important to him in that he would like to compete in places where Romney completely cratered. There are states like Iowa, Colorado that Romney lost by more than six points. In Wisconsin, he lost by almost seven points.”

The New York Times (NYT) recently came out with a piece that looks like more than a bit of water-carrying for Hillary Clinton: “Donald Trump Finds Himself Playing Catch-Up in All-Important Ohio.” Despite all its hype, however, even NYT was forced to acknowledge the race for Ohio is all but tied, given that three percent is well within the margin of error of most any poll: “Public polling of Ohio, which has been scant, shows Hillary Clinton with an average lead of about three percentage points.”

“The NYT piece was a bit disingenuous is this regard,” said Conway. “It made the claim that Donald Trump is behind in Ohio, and it relied on one poll where there’s a two-and-a-half point difference, which, as you know, is very competitive, as well as within the margin of error.” He added:

I believe [Trump] will spend time there. I think Hillary Clinton’s comment in West Virginia, that she will, quote, put the coal industry out of business, reverberates westward from West Virginia right through the Midwest, right through the Rust Belt states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, possibly Iowa and Wisconsin. So, he’ll have a lot to say once he gets there.

As for Ohio, Conway also said, given the amount of time and money Clinton has already spent in Ohio and the polling, “that tells you she’s the one with the ceiling and that her floor and ceiling are dangerously close together.”

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