Exclusive–Farenthold: Trump Meeting with House GOP Members Huge Success

Trump Capitol Alex Brandon, AP
Alex Brandon/AP

A Texas congressman who attended the Thursday morning meeting between GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald J. Trump and the members of the House Republican Conference told Breitbart News it was a productive meeting, with GOP congressmen showing genuine affection and respect for the New York City developer.

“The biggest takeaway is that even before he is elected, he came and listened to the Members of the House of Representatives,” said Rep. Blake Farenthold (R.-Texas), who is a deputy whip inside the conference. “It is more than President Obama’s done, since I’ve been here. I think the only time he’s addressed the Republican Conference was when he called us to the White House to scold us.”

Farenthold said the meeting was friendly and even jubilant.

“I think on the policy issues and things like that we discussed we aligned on most of the issues,” he said.

“He got a standing ovation when he walked in–even before he said a word,” he said. “I think it went really well. I think a lot of people were holding back because they did not know Donald Trump.”

The more the House GOP congressmen get to know Trump, the more excited they are about his candidacy, he said. “But, at a meeting like that, you’re able to look someone in the eye and hear what they have to say and ask questions.”

Trump met with House Republicans at the Capitol Hill Club, which is the regular place for party functions right behind the Madison Building of the Library of Congress and next to the offices of the Republican National Committee. The meeting ran from roughly 7 a.m., to 10 a.m., with members running in and out trying to juggle committee hearings and the session with Trump.

Farenthold said he was late for the House Oversight and Government Reform hearing with FBI Director James B. Comey Jr., so he missed the end of the meeting. But, he said Trump told the members he was paying attention to Comey’s testimony and he commended the committee for holding him accountable.

In addition to the Comey hearing, Trump told the House Republicans he wants to be helpful, the congressman said. “He has shown a willingness to work with us.”

Emily Miller, a senior political reporter at One America News, tweeted out the same vibe from outside that the Texas congressman was describing from inside.

Miller even quoted Rep. Darrell Issa (R.-Calif.), one of the richest men in Congress, that Trump was the George Washington of business.

Most surprising of all was the enthusiasm from Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R.-Wis.), who is regularly criticizing Trump to the delight of the Washington press corps and then, when he is pressed about the general election, he will make a point of not using Trump’s name to the smirking delight of the reporters.

After meeting with Trump, Ryan was as positive as he has been through the entire election cycle.

“It’s clear that our party is committed to defeating Hillary Clinton and Democrats this fall,” said Ryan in a statement he released after he left the meeting.

“We had a great meeting, and I appreciate Donald Trump taking time to speak with House Republicans,” he said. “Our members were grateful to hear about his general election plans and his desire to unify the party in advance of the critical election this November.”


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