***2016 LiveWire*** Trump Introduces Pence as Running Mate

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Donald Trump will introduce Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate in New York. Pence will hold a rally in Indiana later in the afternoon. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates.

All times eastern.

6:02: In Indiana, Pence says he sees friends of so many years who carried his family on their shoulders. “My fellow Hoosiers, I’m here to announce that today in New York City, I accepted Donald Trump’s invitation to run and serve as Vice President of the United States of America,” he says. Pence adds that he is humbled by his selection. He says Trump is a good man and he’ll make a great president. He says the last few days have been overwhelming before saying “there really is no place like home.” He says he is headed home to “pizza night,” but he wants to pay a debt of gratitude to all who made the moment possible. He thanks his wife, kids, mother. He says his mom is his hero. He thanks Hoosiers for inspiring the nation. He promises to take “Hoosier ideals” to Washington, D.C. Pence asks voters to send another Hoosier to the Vice President’s office.

5:55: Zionsville crowd excited to see Pence’s plane approach:


5:00: Cleveland swears in out-of-state officers to help out next week at the GOP convention.

4:50: After he was introduced as Trump’s running mate in New York, Pence is getting ready for his “welcome home” rally in Indiana:


1:59: Trump/Pence do joint interview with “60 Minutes.”

12:52: Speaking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) says Trump’s selection of Pence will unite the party and says he is a good man who represents the “heart and soul” of the GOP base. Sessions praises Pence for standing up against to the establishment. Trump says they can reconcile their differences on Iraq/trade. Sessions talks about trade deals that have not worked as promised. He says he thinks Trump’s instincts on trade were right on those deals. Sessions says Trump was “enthusiastic” every time he talked to Sessions about Pence. Sessions says Pence will be  great vice president because he fights the establishment but can also work well with people as well. Sessions calls Pence a “man of integrity” who will be a “great ally.”

12:45: Agitators already in Cleveland:

12:35: Revised Trump/Pence logo:

12:20: Trump:

12:15: Clinton’s campaign think they are attacking Pence’s claim that he was for the Tea Party before it was cool on things like spending. The joke may be on them as Tea Party supporters who did not show up for Romney are much more likely to show up in 2016 for Trump/Pence, according to recent polling:

[Tony Lee: Pence is a solid pick, and pundits are already talking about how Pence sounds “presidential” and should be at the top of the ticket. And that “boring” ticket would lose to Clinton just like Romney got trounced by Obama. Trump is much better as a front man. And the polished Pence is a great choice who will do no harm and not make unforced errors. One thing Trump has to be careful going forward, especially since the media and Democrats will be parsing everything he says, is saying things like campaigns pay “millions” for briefing reports. He caught himself today, perhaps now aware that he must be more careful, and said his campaign only pays $10,000 for the reports. Lost in all of this was Trump’s extremely valid point that his experiences in the real world and dealing with business executives, etc. are more important than what the so-called “experts” think is important in their “reports” that traditional candidates like Clinton depend on for all of their information. Of course, Trump didn’t literally mean “millions”–he could have said “gazillions”—and is speaking like an average American. But these type of comments dealing with other subjects get him in trouble, and he has to be careful when he goes off on tangents.]

11:50: Pence says elections are about choices and Americans can choose a leader who can make America prosperous again and brings real change or a person who “personifies the failed establishment in Washington, D.C.” Pence blasts Obama/Clinton’s foreign policy and says history teaches us that weakness inspires evil and says the world is spinning apart because of Obama/Clinton’s weakness on foreign policy.

11:49: Pence says he answered the call because he knows from firsthand experience that “strong Republican leadership can bring about real change” just like in his Hoosier State and “Hillary Clinton must never become president of the United States of America.”

11:48: Pence says he felt like he got to Washington after Reagan’s revolution was over and had to fight both parties on spending. He says he fought for taxpayers and he says he was part of the team that won Congress back from Democrats in 2010 while fighting Democrats on cap and trade and Obamacare.

11:45: Pence says people who know him well know that he’s a “pretty basic guy.” He says he is a “Christian. Conservative. Republican. In that order.” He says he’s a small-town boy who grew up in Indiana with a cornfield in his backyard. He says, like Trump’s family, his family immigrated to America. He says the heroes of his youth were JFK and MLK Jr. He says he started politics as a Democrat and became a Republican because of Reagan.

11:43: Pence now has the stage. He thanks Trump for the “confidence you’ve place in us. And I accept your nomination to serve as vice president of the United States of American.” Pence says he is grateful to God for His amazing grace and comes with a “humble heart.” He praises Trump as a “patriotic American” and “fighter” who has set aside his “legendary” business career to make America great again. Pence says Trump is a good man and will make a great president of the United States of America. He says Trump understands the hopes and fears of Americans like nobody since Reagan. Pence says Americans are tired of politicians in both parties saying they’ll solve our problems tomorrow and, citing Reagan, an intellectual elite in Washington telling Americans what to do.

11:40: Trump says Cruz will be speaking at the convention and says even though Pence was under pressure to endorse Cruz, Pence’s endorsement of Cruz was really an endorsement of Trump and was the “single-greatest non-endorsement I’ver ever got in my life.”

11:34: Trump praises Pence’s wife and family. He says Indiana’s unemployment has fallen since Pence became governor while its labor force has increased. He says Pence balanced the budget and produced a surplus. He says people in Washington don’t even know that that means. He also praises Pence’s Indiana’s AAA bond rating (much better than New Jersey’s). He praises Indiana’s school choice program and lauds Pence’s income tax cut, the largest in state history. Trump says Pence cut taxes while balancing the state’s budget. He says Indiana was still ranked 1st in infrastructure.

11:30: Trump talks religious freedom. He says religion’s voice has been “taken away” and “we’re going to change that.”

11:26: Trump ridicules the “Never Trump” movement for getting crushed in Cleveland. Trump says people are tired of the country’s bad trade deals, its lack of borders, high taxes and terrible regulations.

11:25: Trump says one of the big reasons he chose Pence was due to “unity” since he is an “outsider” who won in a landslide that wasn’t even close.

11:23: Trump again reminds voters that Clinton’s policies led to the creation of ISIS.

11:21: Trump says Clinton believes in the “globalism” supported by her donors while he believes in Americanism. “What a difference between Crooked Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence,” he says. “Mike Pence will never be afraid to speak the name of our enemy–radical Islam. Radical Islamic terrorism.” Trump says “we are the law and order candidates” and “we are the law and order party.” “We are going to change things around, and there’s going to be respect for law and order,” he says.

11:20: Trump: Hillary Will Pay Price at Polls in November.

11:18: “I found a leader who will help deliver a safe society and prosperous society for all Americans,” Trump says. He says Pence was his “first choice” and has “admired” the work that he has done in Indiana. He says he’s admired that Pence fights for people “and he’ll fight for you. He’s a solid, solid person.” Trump says Pence served Indiana with distinction. Trump says Pence is a man of “honesty” and “character” while Hillary Clinton is the “embodiment of corruption” who is “totally bought and paid for by” Wall Street, lobbyists, and special interests. Trump says Clinton “got away with murder” re: her email scandal. Trump not detailing all of Clinton’s “crimes” associated with her e-mails scandal. Trump says while Clinton didn’t pay the price he should have paid, “she’s going to pay that price when November 8 rolls around… at the polls.”

11:17: Trump says the Middle East has been more unstable than ever before after Hillary Clinton led President Barack Obama down “a horrible path.” “He didn’t know what he was doing,” Trump says of Obama. Trump mentions that Iran is now on the path to obtaining nuclear weapons. He says the unrest in Turkey is further evidence of Obama/Clinton’s failures. Trump says we need to bring back “our industry” in this country that has been “taken away.”

11:16: Trump says he’s introducing the man who will be his partner to fix the “rigged system” and make America “safe” and “great again.” Trump says “we witnesses horror beyond belief” while addressing the Islamic terror attack in France. Trump says we need “strength and leadership” and “law and order” in America. Trump also wishes the people in Turkey well. “A lot of anguish last night,” he says.

11:15: Trump takes the stage and says, “it’s a wonderful day.” He vows that “we’re going to have an incredible convention.”

11:00: Interesting that the major announcement is being held in New York and not in a swing state that Trump needs.

10:55: Poor Huffington Post. Why should a left-wing outlet that put its coverage of Trump in the “entertainment” section deserve credentials?

10:45: Trump set to introduce Pence:





10:35: Pence will hold a rally in Indiana later in the afternoon:


10:30: Trump claims Pence was his first choice from the start:


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