Report: #NeverTrump Delegates Have Enough Signatures To Force Rules Vote on ‘Conscience’ Exemption

John Moore/Getty Images
John Moore/Getty Images

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The #NeverTrump delegate rebels reportedly have enough signatures at the Rules Committee to force a re-vote on the issue of whether or not to un-bind Donald Trump’s pledged delegates.

Breitbart News has learned that convention chairman Paul Ryan is making phone calls to try to squash the effort by getting delegates to rescind their signatures on the petition. Breitbart News has also learned that Virginia politician Ken Cuccinelli, a Ted Cruz supporter, is continuing to fight for the rebellion.

The rebels lost their fight at the Rules Committee, 87 to 12, and need 28 signatures from Rules Committee members to force a full vote on the issue by delegates on the convention floor. The rebels apparently have enough signatures at this time to do that.

Politico reported:

CLEVELAND — Republicans looking to unseat Donald Trump as their party’s presidential nominee appear to have the signatures they need to force a full vote on the national convention rules, a move that threatens to disrupt the party’s national convention and provide a platform for anti-Trump delegates to embarrass the billionaire on the eve of his official nomination.

Breitbart News will keep our readers informed on all breaking developments on this fight in Cleveland.