Businessman, Teamster Andy Wist: ‘The Only Way We Keep The American Dream Alive Is By Electing Donald Trump President’

Businessman Andy Wist speaks during the second day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Tuesday, July 19, 2016. (
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Teamster Trustee, entrepreneur, employer, father and Donald Trump supporter Adam Wist shares his American success story and explains why he’s voting for the candidate who will “keep the American dream alive.”

“It’s been a lot of fun the last few days watching the media speculate about me,” said Wist, who joked someone pegged him as a superhero of a similar name, Adam West or Batman. “Some of these reporters need to get a life.”

“You want to know who Andy Wist is? I’ll tell you. I’m living proof that the American dream is real,” said Wist before delving into a brief timeline of his path to running a small business that employs 140 people.

“I grew up in Brooklyn and started a business in my mother’s backyard when I was 21 years old. Standard Waterproofing. We restore building exteriors. Today we have 140 employees. Not as big as Mr. Trump’s company, but it’s still pretty good right?”

Wist connected himself to the sentiments of Trump and Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence.

I’m also the Trustee of Teamster local 522 because like Donald Trump and Mike Pence, I believe that working men and women still matter in this country and we have to look out for them. After eight years of President Obama, I don’t see the American dream like I did when I was starting out. All I see is too many people out of work, too many jobs shipped overseas, and too many politicians who just don’t care. It’s a mess. Who’s gonna fix it? Hillary Clinton? After 30 years in public life, her only accomplishment is beating the wrap every time she breaks the law.

“Donald Trump is a builder,” said Wist.

He is a leader who’ll bring us together. He will make American work again so we can believe again. I’m not a big important person, I’m just a regular guy. I love my family. I love my country. I lived a great life, but I’m not gonna be around forever and neither will you be. This November we get to decide what kind of world we left behind. When I’m gone I want my children and your children and our grandchildren to be able to live the American dream like I have.

“The only way we keep the American dream alive is by electing Donald Trump President.”

“God bless Donald Trump. God bless America.”

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