Donald Trump: Welcome Back, Ronald Reagan


I’ve argued for a year that Donald Trump is our Reagan. That in almost every way, Trump is Reagan, Part Duex.

It was a lonely argument for most of the past 12 months. Not so much anymore. Donald Trump just delivered the greatest Republican Presidential address since Reagan.

Trump channeled Reagan in every way on Thursday night, while laying out his case for “making America great again.”

Trump was a handsome, dynamic, charismatic, passionate, high-energy, master showman and entertainer- just like Reagan.

Trump spoke in plain, simple, straight-forward terms directly to average Americans, not over their heads- just like Reagan.

Trump appealed to working class and middle class Americans aka “The Silent Majority”- just like Reagan.

Trump mentioned specific blue-collar occupations he loves- steelworkers, carpenters, bricklayers, electricians, coal miners- just like Reagan.

Trump appealed to the values of the great American middle class as “The Law and Order President” multiple times- just like Reagan.

Trump appealed to middle class white America by promising “I will restore law and order.” He pointed out dramatic increases in violent crime, drugs, inner city chaos, and attacks on police and promised to end it all- just like Reagan.

Trump defended law enforcement, military and vets- just like Reagan.

Trump declared his love for America, American exceptionalism and “America First”- just like Reagan.

Trump talked of his love for “believers, dreamers and strivers” vs. the kind of people he dislikes: negative people, critics, cynics and those who doubt the greatness of America- just like Reagan.

The heart of Trump’s speech was about using a combination of massive tax cuts and killing regulation to return America to prosperity- just like Reagan.

Trump spoke of his responsibility as President- to defend and protect American citizens, not foreigners- just like Reagan.

Trump promised “I AM YOUR VOICE.” Trump spoke of a system rigged against average Americans. He explained why he got into politics- to stop a system “where powerful people can beat up people who can’t defend themselves.” He was channeling Reagan.

Trump talked of “the dignity of working people”- just like Reagan.

Trump singled out evangelical Christians as his base and the heart of his support- just like Reagan.

Trump spent the night speaking specifically to a nation of Christians, working people, gun owners, military, police, vets, coal miners, hard hats and patriots with respect for the Constitution- he recreated the exact Reagan coalition.

Trump singled out his love and support of Israel- just like Reagan.

Trump painted a picture of prosperity by promising “to make America rich again”- the same theme as Reagan.

And of course his slogan- “Make America Great Again” was Reagan’s exact slogan in 1980.

But here’s what is most important moving forward…

Trump must remind America of “The Reagan Miracle.” It happened over 36 years ago. Most Americans have either forgotten, or weren’t even born yet, or came from different countries. They weren’t here. They don’t know. The biased liberal media is desperate to keep them in the dark and ignorant.

Trump must point out that all Reagan did to turn the misery, malaise and depression of Jimmy Carter into the greatest economic recovery and expansion in world history was to dramatically cut taxes and regulations. That’s it. That’s all it took. It’s the exact same plan as Trump (with a wall thrown in).

Make sure every American knows the Reagan record. Make sure they know Trump is Reagan, Part Duex. Repeat this magical Reagan record again and again, from now through November.

Remind Americans that Reagan’s low taxes and rollback of regulations produced an era of prosperity unlike anything in history….

Reagan exploded the economy with $30 trillion in goods and services created.

Net assets like stocks and real estate went up by $5 trillion- an increase of a remarkable 50 percent.

Reagan’s low tax policies created nearly 20 million jobs in a short span, increasing US employment by a remarkable 20 percent.

From 1981-89 GDP per capita rose by 23 percent – the greatest increase in the history of America.

In one year alone the GDP increased by 6.8 percent – the largest increase in 50 years.  

In only seven years the economy grew by a staggering one third.

The value of stock market TRIPLED.

Inflation was 13.5 percent when Reagan took office…by 1983 it was 3.2 percent.

The number of Americans earning $1 million dollars a year went up a staggering 8 times!

The economic boom lasted 92 consecutive months-the longest peacetime boom in world history. It shattered the previous record of 58 months by almost 60 percent.


Reagan created FREEDOM by the ton.

All it took to create the “Reagan Miracle” was lower taxes and less government regulation and interference. It’s really that simple.

Trump is our new Reagan in every way.

Welcome back Ronald Reagan!


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