***DNC LiveWire*** Bill Clinton, ‘Mothers of the Movement’ Featured; ‘Anti-Police’ March in Philly

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Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Bill Clinton will be one of the featured speakers along with the “Mothers of the Movement”–the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner and others who have formed strong bonds with Clinton–a day after terrorism and law and order were barely referenced.

All eyes will be on Bill Clinton and how disciplined he will be in not responding to potential hecklers and resisting the urge to promote himself–and his legacy–instead of his wife’s candidacy. It is also interesting that the “Mothers of the Movement” will follow Clinton given that Clinton lashed out at Black Lives Matter activists in the spring.


All times eastern.

11:50: Trump with the winning message, thanks to VA Gov. McAuliffe, who is trying his best to do to Hillary Clinton what Bill Clinton did to her during the 2008 Dem. primary with his “fairy tale” and “Jesse Jackson” remarks:

11:45: From Breitbart’s Joel Pollak at the Dem. convention:



11:35: The left-wing in action, showing their true colors:


11:13: In a slickly produced video message, Clinton appears after glass-ceiling montage cracks. She says she can’t believe “we just put the biggest crack in the glass ceiling yet.” She says if there are little girls who stayed up to watch, she may become the first woman President but “one of you is next.”

11:05: Alicia Keys pushes gun control and dedicates the closing song to the Mothers of the Movement. She says we can’t claim to be the “home of the brave” until we deal with “gun violence.”

11:00: Meryl Streep says Clinton will be the first woman president but won’t be the last.

10:48: Clinton says “real change is hard” and makes direct appeal to illegal immigrants and Muslims “who hate terror” to vote for Hillary.

10:43: Clinton says his wife was reluctant about accepting the Sec. of State job because she loved being the Senator from New York so much. He says Clinton accomplished more change before she was 30 than most public officials accomplish in a lifetime. [Bill Clinton wasn’t the “Big Dog,” but he did not harm, and that’s all that Democrats could have asked for.]

10:30: Clinton touting his wife’s experiences re: education standards, etc. Not much different from his “change maker” stump speech.

10:11: He says in the spring of 1971, “I met a girl.” They met in a class on political and civil rights. He’s recounting his courtship of Hillary. He’s now talking about Clinton’s history of doing civil rights work throughout the South and Texas.

10:10: Bill Clinton now appears on stage.

10:05: Without any sense of irony, a person in a video about Bill Clinton’s economy in the 1990s says that when Clinton said something he believed him.

9:50: Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright says Clinton has Harry Truman’s fighting spirit. She says Trump has damaged national security just by running for president. She says a Trump presidency would give the Russians a “green light” and would be a “gift” to Putin.

9:45: Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) talking about the need to stop sex trafficking.

9:32: Howard Dean accusing Trump of wanting to take Americans back to a time when insurance companies can charge women more for health care and those with pre-existing conditions. Dean, playing on his Dean Scream, says the election is going to be won in Colorado and Michigan…and we’re going to the White House.”

9:20: Crowley rips Trump and calls Clinton a doer of deeds.

9:04: Sanders delegate: This is a “poll tax.”

8:58: Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) talks about how Clinton has a “strong sense of empathy” for others. She says the right wing has thrown everything, including the “refrigerator” and the “toaster” and “she’s still standing.” Boxers says we’re not going back to the dark days when “women died in back alleys.”

8:45: The always vile and heinous Lena Dunham (a complete fraud ) is now on stage. She says, according to Donald Trump, “my body is  like… a two.”

8:45: Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards (“introduced as “Cecil”) blasting Trump for wanting to defund Planned Parenthood.

8:33: Crowd keeps chanting “Black Lives Matter!”

8:23: Scandal actor Tony Goldwyn speaks about his work with the Innocence Project and introduces the “Mothers of the Movement.” Crowd chants “Black Lives Matter.” Sandra Bland’s mother talks about needing to vote for a president who will fight for “restoration” and change. Jordan Davis’s mom says Clinton isn’t afraid to say “Black Lives Matter.” Trayvon Martin’s mother touting Clinton’s support for gun control.



8:20: From Breitbart’s Joel Pollak in Philadelphia:


8:15: Seems/feels very out of place at Dem. convention:

Eric Holder: Black Lives Matter. “We need a president sensitive to these echoes of Jim Crow,” he says, railing against modern day poll taxes.

8:06: Former Attorney General Eric Holder is proud to say, “I stand with her.” He emphasizes that the nation is “already great” and speaks about assassins targeting “police” and peaceful citizens questioning if “Black Lives really matter… and they do.”  He says we have to value officers while they are still alive. Holder says Clinton, whose husband signed the Crime Bill, will end “over-incarceration.” He praises Clinton for talking about “system racism.”

7:58: From Breitbart News: Ashley Judd Joins Black Lives Matter March Outside DNC

7:51: Donna Brazile now speaking. She says she no spring chicken and she’s “seen some things in her time.” She says she lived through and survived the segregated South. “Who dat.” And as a grown woman, she saw the first black President. She says when Hillary Clinton was fighting for civil rights out of law school, Trump was facing housing discrimination lawsuit for failing to rent apartments to blacks. She says she met Clinton and Marion Wright Edelman’s Children’s Defense Fund. She praises Clinton for wanting illegal immigrants to have all of the opportunities as citizens.

7:50: From Breitbart’s Joel Pollak in Philadelphia:



7:45: Assange: More Dem. Email Leaks Coming:

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7:43: Sanders delegate explains walk out:

7:37: Actress Elizabeth Banks now speaking. She says Trump is “over the top.” She recalls going to a Bill Clinton rally with her boyfriend at UPenn and being amazed by Hillary Clinton, who stole the show.

7:35: From Joel Pollak in Philadelphia: Gagged Bernie delegate tells Breitbart News, “this is what a stolen election looks like.”




7:29: Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) says this election is about two different versions “of America” and Trump only sees an “angry” America while Clinton sees an America that tries to live up to the promise written here in Philadelphia. He says she believes in an America where we break down walls.

7:27: Former President Jimmy Carter now addressing the convention, urging Democrats to stay “informed” and engaged. He blasts Trump for not having “moral” and “ethical principles.”

7:25: Black Lives Matter agitators call cop “Nazi” and don’t want people to vote for Clinton because “she’s killing black people.”

7:15: From Breitbart’s Joel Pollak at the convention. Sanders delegates walking out en masse.






Sanders delegates sitting silent inside media center:


7:07: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says “nothing is more wholesome” that women in government and politics.

7:05: Former Dem. Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich, who wanted a Department of Peace, says tells Breitbart News that Clinton should have chosen Sanders as her running mate:

7:03: From Breitbart’s Joel Pollak at the Dem. Convention: “Palestinian” sign.


6:59: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe says this is a day everyone at the convention hall will remember. He says Clinton will send Trump back to his “bankrupt casinos, where he belongs.” McAuliffe says he has known the Clintons for half his life and he loves this woman.

6:55: Report: Clinton delegate from Tennessee booted after reported assaulting female Sanders delegate.

6:53: On the convention floor, Sanders moves that the convention rules be suspended and Hillary Clinton nominated as president.

6:45: Hillary Clinton officially becomes Dem. nominee for president:

6:38: From Breitbart’s Joel Pollak in Philadelphia: Oregon Delegation Is Now a Bernie/Occupy Protest:



(Joel Pollak/Breitbart News)

6:30: Sanders supporters kept behind wall:


6:21: Will Sanders be going to the floor?

6:15: Sanders supporter vows to vote for Green Party candidate:

6:10: Clinton campaign’s top priority is to drown out rowdy Sanders supporters on the floor.

6:05: Sanders’s brother and Clinton’s childhood friend cast votes:

5:58: From BREITBART CALIFORNIA:  Black Sanders Activist: ‘Bill Clinton Made Black Lives Worth Less’

OAKLAND — Civil rights and social activist Viveca Bradley told Breitbart News on Monday that former President Bill Clinton had singlehandedly “made black lives worth less.”

Read the rest here.


5:55: Agitators throw water on Geraldo:

5:45: Trump, when asked if Roger Ailes could join his campaign, says, “I would think about it.”



5:36: From Breitbart News in Philadelphia. Ashley Judd with “Black Lives Matter” sign:

Ashley Judd 1

Ashley Judd 2

5:35: Bernie fan explains why she feels silenced by Hillary:

5:33: From Breitbart News’s Joel Pollak in Philadelphia:

Bernie fans


5:29: Arizona proud to be the home state of Cesar Chavez. It casts 34 for Sanders and 51 for Clinton.

5:26: Alabama, the state of champions in college football, up first. State casts 50 votes for Clinton and 9 for Sanders. And one assumed abstention.

5:25: Roll call of the states about to start.

5:15: Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) to second Clinton’s nomination. He says there are “forces” in America that want to take us backward and undo 50 years of progress. “We are not going back,” he yells. “We’re going forward.” He says Dems. must “vote like we’ve never, ever voted before” in November. Lewis says “we are the party of tomorrow” and vows to shatter the glass ceiling again with Clinton’s  nomination  eight years after the party nominated Obama. Lewis says Clinton didn’t just want to do “well… she wanted to do good.”

5:10: Nominating speeches for Clinton next. Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) speaks of the Founding Mothers and says she is here with a “full heart” to nominate Clinton for president. She places Clinton’s name into nomination.

5:09: Vermont Delegate Shyla Nelson seconds Sanders’s nomination and says “I’m so proud of Bernie. Our movement continues. Our revolution continues.”

5:03: Paul Feeney seconds Sanders’s nomination.

4:55: Nominating speeches about to occur. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) speaking on behalf of Sanders. Gabbard says the frumpy and grumpy Sanders became the voice of millions because of his “deep love of others” and “our Mother Earth.” She calls the Sanders campaign a “movement of love” to care about people whose lives have been ruined by the criminal justice system and people whose lives have been ruined by disastrous trade deals. After quoting Gandhi, she says the movement can’t be defeated because “it’s fueled by love” and nominates Sanders for president.

4:48: Kentucky’s Sec. of State Alison Lundergan Grimes talking about her friendship with Hillary Clinton. She is proud to be a part of the “new generation” of the South. She talks about the Hillary she knows who loves HGTV and devours buffalo wings.

4:45: Former Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), whose steak fry helped to launch Obama’s 2008 candidacy, speaking about disability rights on the floor. Music immediately starts playing as crowd starts chanting “Bernie Sanders!”

4:36: Sherman Jackson, the King Faisal Chair of Islamic Thought and Culture and Professor of Religion at the University of Southern California, says “We are not a perfect country” and  asks God to inspires us to “strive to be a better country” and “grant us the courage to acknowledge and make amends for our errors, including the ways we have devalued, compromised, and stigmatized all too many American lives, especially black lives. “

[He’s on point with the day’s theme.]

4:33: Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) calls convention back to order.

4:32: Kaine’s wife resigns from post in McAuliffe administration after husband selected as VP:

4:30: Dem. convention about to gavel back in with the roll call of the states.

4:25: Black Lives Matter to Hillary: “Delete Yourself”



4:21: Joe Biden: Let Sanders supporters be angry.

4:15: “White media get to the back. Black media, come to the front,”


4:05: Two layers of fencing:

3:58: Protesters at anti-police march: “Hillary Has Blood on Her Hands.”


3:56: Ryan won’t be at Pence’s Wisconsin event.

3:55: Hillary to make video appearance?

3:50: Trump:

3:49: The Dem. convention, ladies and gentlemen:

3:48: Alicia Keys performing before the roll call vote:



3:43: Trumps slamming Anthony Weiner after he mouths off:

3:40: Keep in mind that the Philadelphia Police Union is insulted that Democrats are not featuring widows of slain police officers.

3:35: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is returning to the Senate as an independent.


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