NYPost: Huma Abedin Denies Active Role as Editor of Radical Muslim Journal

CULVER CITY, CA - JUNE 03: Huma Abedin, a political aide to Hillary Clinton, at rally organized by Women for Hillary for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at West Los Angeles College on June 3, 2016 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)
Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Paul Sperry writes in the New York Post on the statement from Hillary Clinton’s campaign regarding the work her close aide Huma Abedin did as an editor of a radical Muslim journal of which Abedin’s mother is the editor-in-chief.

Top Hillary Clinton confidante Huma Abedin played no formal role in a radical Muslim journal — even though she was listed as an editor on the hate-filled periodical’s masthead for a dozen years, a campaign rep claimed Sunday.

“My understanding is that her name was simply listed on the masthead in that period,” Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said hours after The Post broke the bombshell story. “She did not play a role in editing at the publication.”

Merrill said Abedin was just a figurehead and not actually on staff at the Saudi-based and -funded Journal of Minority Muslim Affairs, which featured radically anti-feminist views and backed strict Islamic laws roundly criticized for oppressing women.

A journalism major at George Washington University, Abedin, 40, was listed as “assistant editor” of the journal from 1996 to 2008, when her name was removed from the staff box and she went to work for Clinton at the State Department.

Her brother, who was an associate editor, and a sister, also employed as an assistant editor, are listed as staff members.

Abedin’s Pakistani mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, remains editor-in-chief.

Read the rest here. Read Sperry’s original article on Abedin’s work at the journal here


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