Mom of Son Killed by Illegal Alien Reads Trump Letter for Dedication of Public Servant Son’s Memorial

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MORENO VALLEY, California — Sabine Durden read a personal letter from Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday during the dedication of a memorial to her son, Dominic Durden, a public servant and 9-11 dispatcher who was killed on the road in 2012 by an illegal alien who had two prior DUI convictions.

The email from Donald Trump reads as follows:

August 19, 2016

Dear Sabine:

I have been honored to get to know you, and greatly inspired by your strength and courage. I was so glad to hear that they are dedicating a memorial for your son, Dominic. Though he has left this world, he lives on in you and all who knew him and loved him. I will honor his memory by fighting to deliver justice on behalf of your family and all American families who have suffered such loss. We will never forget.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes,

Donald J. Trump

Durden said that a hard copy version of the letter is being sent to her as well.

Ms. Durden read the letter during a portion of the ceremony to dedicate the memorial trailhead to Dominic Durden:

Dominic Durden had not only worked as a 9-1-1 dispatcher for the Riverside Sheriff’s department, but he also volunteered at local fire stations and for the city. He was even named volunteer of the year in 2002 for his over 1,000 hours of community service in Moreno Valley. His dedication to service was evident by the many firefighters, law enforcement and other emergency and city personnel who gathered Saturday in his honor.

The City of Moreno Valley worked with Ms. Durden on the best spot to place her son’s memorial.

Durden doesn’t live far from where the memorial trailhead marker was placed Moreno Valley’s Hidden Springs Park, making it easy to visit the plaque.

Durden told Breitbart News:

I am so blessed and honored to have so much love shown for Dominic and so much love and support for Anthony and myself. We wouldn’t have survived this without each and everyone that has been by our side. I know Dominic is smiling his well known bid smile while he’s giving a thumbs up for his mom who hated public speaking.

Sabine Durden is a legal immigrant from Germany and a naturalized United States citizen. She has become a strong advocate for securing the borders of the U.S. and enforcing immigration laws.

Durden met in July 2015 with Trump in Los Angeles along with several others who had lost family members at the hands of illegal aliens. He held a press conference directly after a private meeting and allowed the family members to share their stories of heartbreak in their own words for the world to hear. Trump has often brought these family members on stage at rallies and just last month, Durden and two others appeared on the stage of the Republican National Convention to tell their stories.

The illegal alien that killed young Dominic Durden served a brief 35 days of a nine month sentence in jail for misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter despite Ms. Durden and her fiancé’s tireless fight for justice. The criminal was then handed over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and, after a year and a half of court appearances, the illegal alien that killed Dominic Durden was deported back to Guatemala.

Durden first spoke with Breitbart News in the midst of the 2014 protests against illegal immigration outside the Murrietta, California U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility. She was joined then and is now, by her fiancé Anthony Coulter who asked at those protests, as a black American, “Who speaks for me?!” and who pointed to the word “illegal” on his protest sign as he declared, “this is not a racial word!”

Tuesday night Durden appeared on a special edition of the Hannity television show on Fox News with host Sean Hannity. Trump also participate in the event, which took place in Texas. Durden appeared alongside others who have lost loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens such as Mary Ann Mendoza. Mendoza also spoke on the stage of the Republican National Convention about her son, Arizona law enforcement officer Sgt Brandon Mendoza, who lost his life at the hands of a repeat-offender, criminal illegal alien.

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