Hiding Hillary Day 270: Trump to Mexico, Hillary Makes Rare Public Appearance

Hillary Hiding Behind Podium APDavid Goldman
AP/David Goldman

It has now been 270 days since Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton held a press conference.

Clinton emerged from a series of private fundraisers in the Hamptons to make a rare public appearance today. She spoke for less than an hour to the American Legion National Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio and refused to take any unscripted questions.

Clinton has avoided any public event not carefully controlled by her campaign. Her last public appearance was six days ago and #HidingHillary isn’t scheduled to appear in public again until September 7th in New York City.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is scheduled to deliver a major immigration policy speech in Phoenix, Arizona this evening with his runningmate Governor Mike Pence. The Trump campaign grabbed headlines with a late announcement that Trump would travel to Mexico to meet with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto before the speech in Phoenix. Trump has repeatedly stated that as President he would make Mexico pay for a border wall.

Today the Trump campaign released their “question of the day” for Hiding Hillary:

“Secretary Clinton, what were the search terms your lawyers used if emails about the attack in Benghazi were not part of the documents you turned over to the State Department?” – Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor

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Here are some of the best questions/comments we received from Breitbart readers:

@DrMartyFox juxtaposed Donald Trump’s Mexico visit with Hillary’s paltry public schedule:

Poker Legend Mike “The Mouth” Matusow believes people aren’t being honest with pollsters and expects the silent majority to elect Trump in November:

@johngalt191 speculates that maybe Hillary’s hiding because people aren’t interested in seeing her:

@lsonn55 asked the same question that the Trump campaign would later release:

@RdRunrF7 noticed that Hillary seems to have a problem with things that begin with the letter “b”:

@tjlewis226 listed a few of the reasons that Hillary might be hiding:

@Clear_Honesty noted that #HidingHillary is a campaign tactic:

@anarchoca figures $10 Million should do the trick to get Hillary out of hiding:


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