Hillary Clinton Uses Military Speech to Attack Trump for Saying Mean Words

Hillary American Legion Andrew HarnickAP

Hillary Clinton went after Donald Trump in her military-themed speech at the American Legion in Ohio Wednesday.

Clinton mostly focused on how Trump is mean.

Clinton highlighted Trump’s comment that the U.S. military is a “disaster” due to disrepair, and needs to be rebuilt.

“That is an insult to the men and women serving today and all who served before who put their lives on the line,” Clinton said, without acknowledging Trump’s practical concerns.

“I will never, ever disrespect Gold Star families…or prisoners of war,” Clinton said, referring to John McCain. “To insult them is just so wrong, and it says a lot about the person doing the insulting.”

“The last thing we need is a president who brings more name calling and temper tantrums to Washington,” she said.

Clinton praised Navy SEAL’s for saving Osama bin Laden’s family members.

“That is what honor looks like. That is America at our best. Maybe the soldiers of other nations wouldn’t have mattered, or maybe they would have taken revenge on the family members of those terrorists. But that is not who we are,” Clinton said.

“Russia even hacked into the Democratic National Committee, maybe even some state election systems…the United States will treat cyber attacks like any other attack,” Clinton said.

As for our veterans, “We will not allow anyone to privatize the VA,” Clinton vowed.

Clinton talked about balanced budgets and budget surplus, saying “I hope that someday we can get back to doing that, but” right now we can’t have a sequester.

“I believe we do have better days ahead but things could also get worse. If more countries get nuclear weapons, if we abandon our allies, if our commander in chief” condones torture, Clinton said.

Clinton said that her goal is to “bring people back together again.”

The scripted address drew occasional moderate applause from the crowd.


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