Rep. Scott Garrett on Facing Off Against Clinton Machine in NJ’s 5th District: ‘This Is Their Game Plan for Here, Then Across the Country’


On Wednesday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM, Congressman Scott Garrett (R-NJ) discussed his re-election race against Clinton crony and former Bill Clinton speechwriter Josh Gottheimer in NJ’s 5th Congressional District.

“He’s using the Clinton playbook,” said Garrett. “He’s being financed by the Clinton establishment. He used to be Bill Clinton’s speechwriter. He’s considered part of the Clinton family. They’ve come in and they’ve supported him. The New York Times even did an expose on him a short time ago, saying a significant portion of his money is coming from the Clinton rolodex – if people still use rolodexes, I don’t know.”

Garrett continued:

This is setting a pathway so that they can win this seat, what is right now a Republican seat in the Northeast. This is their game plan for here, then across the country. They attack the messenger; they don’t bring a message. All his campaign has been attacking me because I’m a Republican; I’m a conservative Republican; I’m a Christian conservative Republican – all three things the Progressives don’t like.

Garrett’s campaign website is here.

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