Report: Anthony Weiner Used His Son as a ‘Chick Magnet’


Ex-congressman Anthony Weiner had an interesting use for his son.

Weiner, who recently got dumped by wife Huma Abedin for another sexting scandal, thought his son was a great wingman. According to The New York Post:

Weiner told the woman he had dropped off the tyke “at grandpas after school,” but bellyached that the free baby-sitting “only bought me a couple of hours,” the screenshots show.

“Already at work. Being a chick magnet,” he wrote.

“It’s like a puppy. Chicks love cute kids and puppies,” she wrote back.

The picture of Weiner’s son, Jordan — now 4 — was among at least nine images featuring the boy that he sent the woman.

The trove includes the outrageous crotch shot that finally prompted wife Huma Abedin, 41, to announce she was leaving the sext maniac on Monday, hours after it was exclusively published by The Post.

“Put him to work,” the buxom brunette suggested during their March 12, 2015, online chat.

Weiner, 51, then sent the 40-something divorcee a photo of his son sitting in a playground swing, smiling and holding a toy car in his hands.


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