Hiding Hillary Day 273: Fallout from the FBI Release

The Associated Press

It has now been 273 days since Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton held a press conference.

#HidingHillary has been avoiding unscripted questions and appearances that aren’t carefully controlled by her campaign. Yesterday’s release of information by the FBI on their investigation into her use of a private email server and handling of classified information while she served as Secretary of State has raised many questions.

The FBI file revealed that Clinton claimed she didn’t know that [C] meant classified, that she couldn’t remember things because of a concussion, that she lost cellphones and a computer with sensitive information, and that she broke protocol by emailing President Obama directly while overseas, exposing the president’s email to hackers, to name just a few.

Today the Trump campaign released their “question of the day” for Hiding Hillary.

“Secretary Clinton, why did one of your staffers delete all archives of your emails several weeks after The New York Times reported on your private email system and after you were subpoenaed to preserve all documentation?” – Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor

This series will continue to highlight your questions and comments regarding #HidingHillary. If you’d like to be included in the next #HidingHillary column, tweet to @DustinStockton and include the hashtag #HidingHillary.

@alaphiah sent us this meme mocking Hillary’s “can’t remember” excuse:

@AnthonyParisi11 sent us this excellent photoshop of Hillary as Where’s Waldo:

While @curtandnan found where she is hiding:

@RdRunrF7 had praise for Breitbart News:

@joefox68 wants to know if Hillary will have to pay for the investigation into her server

Finally @GPN14 wonders whether the Democrats used the same software on Hillary that she used in an attempt to destroy her emails

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