Team Hillary Denies That Clinton Wore Earpiece During Presidential Forum

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, accompanied by “Today” show co-anch
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Hillary Clinton’s aides are denying reports that the Democratic presidential nominee was wearing an earpiece during the NBC presidential forum on Wednesday with Matt Lauer.

After a story questioning the appearance of what looked to be small device in Clinton’s ear was featured on the Drudge Report, Clinton staffers responded to campaign reporters currently on the trail with the candidate.

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The story was also a trending topic on Twitter, as social media users buzzed about they mysterious device in her ear.

“Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill says Hillary Clinton was not wearing an earpiece last night,” ABC reporter Liz Kreutz informed her followers on Twitter after Clinton held a press conference on the airport tarmac in New York.

The report was confirmed by CNN’s Dan Merica who cited a “Clinton campaign spokesman.”

Earlier on Thursday, Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out a link to a story that cited NYPD sources confirming that Clinton was in fact wearing an earpiece.

Two Clinton aides also denied the story in response to questions from Fox News.

Merrill later taunted Trump’s son by tweeting out a picture of an airplane behind Clinton, suggesting it was in her ear.

Matt Drudge also followed up with the story, revealing that a Senior NBC executive emailed him to dismiss rumors about an ear piece.


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