Bill Clinton: Family ‘As Transparent as We Can Be’ About Clinton Foundation (They Haven’t)

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Former President Bill Clinton defended his family’s charitable foundation, insisting that there was no pay-to-play activity between donors to the foundation and her work at the State Department — citing the “best of my knowledge.”

“I believe, first of all, we’ve been as transparent as we can be,” Clinton said in an interview with CBS anchor Charlie Rose aired on Monday evening. 

“I have said to the best of my knowledge nobody ever got anything from the State Department because they supported the Clinton Foundation,” he told Rose. “If they did and it was inappropriate, I would say that was wrong too. I have proved that I’m not averse to apologizing for things that I think were wrong. So I am unaware of that.”

Clinton indicated that leveraging personal relationships between professionals and government was “just the way the national government works,” but again stated “to the best of my knowledge” it never happened.

“[T]he people they accused or implied gave money to the foundation just so they could have some in with Hillary did not do that,” Clinton said. “That’s simply not true.”

As detailed specifically by Breitbart Editor Peter Schweitzer in the book Clinton Cash, the Clinton campaign has failed multiple attempts at transparency.

Foundation fundraising schemes failed to disclose all of their donors and didn’t submit government donations for State Department review as agreed to by the memo of understanding with the Obama administration.


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