***2016 LiveWire*** Trump Lays Out Economic Plan; Hillary Returns to Campaign Trail

Clinton Trump
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Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 election. Donald Trump lays out his economic vision in New York while Hillary Clinton returns to the campaign trail in North Carolina.

All times eastern.

10:20: Trump on Fallon:

10:10: Has anything good happened after the Washington Post interviews Trump? And yet (Is Trump’s favorite football player DeSean Jackson?)…

And Trump’s campaign forced to release this statement that will bigfoot his economic message and all of the negative headlines about Clinton:

“Hillary Clinton’s campaign first raised this issue to smear then-candidate Barack Obama in her very nasty, failed 2008 campaign for President. This type of vicious and conniving behavior is straight from the Clinton Playbook. As usual, however, Hillary Clinton was too weak to get an answer. Even the MSNBC show Morning Joe admits that it was Clinton’s henchmen who first raised this issue, not Donald J. Trump.

In 2011, Mr. Trump was finally able to bring this ugly incident to its conclusion by successfully compelling President Obama to release his birth certificate. Mr. Trump did a great service to the President and the country by bringing closure to the issue that Hillary Clinton and her team first raised. Inarguably, Donald J. Trump is a closer. Having successfully obtained President Obama’s birth certificate when others could not, Mr. Trump believes that President Obama was born in the United States.

Mr. Trump is now totally focused on bringing jobs back to America, defeating radical Islamic terrorism, taking care of our veterans, introducing school choice opportunities and rebuilding and making our inner cities safe again.”


9:05: Clinton is blasting what she says are Trump’s “racist” attacks against minorities. She says we need to “stop him conclusively in November” in an election that “sends a message that even he can hear.”

8:59: Clinton keeps talking about defending those who have received Obama’s executive amnesty. Even when she is talking about this hot-button issue, the audience does not seem that enthusiastic, at least now as much as they were for Obama.

8:57: Clinton again promises amnesty legislation within the first 100 days if she gets elected. She says it will “keep families together” and include a “path to citizenship” for illegals.

8:53: Clinton says during Hispanic heritage month, students will study Dolores Huerta and Julian and Joaquin Castro. She also mentions Laurie Hernandez and Roberto Clemente. She also speaks about Afro-Latinos and those whose families have been here “before the United States even existed.” Clinton says “you’re not strangers” and “intruders”

8:47: Clinton says it’s so great to see “young people” at the gala. She desperately needs young minority voters who are not enthusiastic about her candidacy. She says we’re at a “pivotal moment” in the nation’s history for Latinos. She slams Trump’s “outlandish” and “offensive” comments. She says Obama is a tough act to follow in “more ways than one.”

8:43: Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) introducing Hillary Clinton at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Gala. She slams Trump as someone who as “ignorantly” and “recklessly attacked our community.” She accuses Trump of “spurring” kids to attack Latino students even though no scientific study has proven this.

8:33: Press now arrives at Trump’s event:

8:30: Trump says Mexico will be “happy to pay for the wall” after it is “properly explained” to them.

8:17: Trump says we have to replace the current policy of “globalism” with a “new policy of Americanism” to fix all of the country’s ills. He again says he’s running to be the president of the United States of America and not the president of the world. He speaks about his plans to reduce poverty for African-American and Hispanic communities. He tells the Hispanic community that he will protect their jobs, build up their schools, and give them safety, which also means protecting them from radical Islamic terrorism. He says it’s time to rebuild our inner cities before we allow refugees from all over the world from entering.

8:12: Trump says while Clinton slanders Americans as “deplorables,” he calls them hard-working American people who love their country and families. He is citing Bernie Sanders’s comments about Clinton’s “bad judgment” and slams her for not taking responsibility for the rise of ISIS.

8:06: In New Hampshire, Trump says he has some “good news.” He says the press is stuck on an airplane and will be about 30 minutes late. He says they asked if he could wait and he said he wouldn’t. “Let’s get going,” Trump says. He cites his good poll numbers, which can decline just as quickly if decides to say random things that distract from his message, and says he was right about how companies like Ford are leaving the United States. Trump says his support comes from all regions and from all walks of life and he’s running to be president of all Americans.

8:03: Obama denouncing the politics of “anger” and “vitriol” without mentioning Trump. He says some are talking about what the “real America looks like” and “it only includes a few of  us.” “Who’s going to decide what the real America is?” he asks. Obama says we can’t let that brand of politics win.

Sarah Palin still in his head:

7:53: Obama addressing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Gala. He says he’s more optimistic about the future of America than he’s ever been. He’s now listing–and defending–his “accomplishments.” He says we have to make “effective immigration reform” a reality and says he’s “proud” of his executive amnesty program.

7:37: Packed crowd waiting for Trump in New Hampshire.


6:55: Clinton campaign using tactics that shady porn companies use to steal money from its poorest donors. Reportedly to try to inflate the number of small-dollar donations the campaign can report. Deplorable!


6:45: Kasich desperate to be adored by the elites–just like his campaign staffers.


6:02: Fox News poll also finds race is tied.

Interesting findings:

— Independents prefer Trump over Clinton by 36-31 percent, while 16 percent go for Johnson and 7 percent Stein. Eighty percent of Republicans back Trump, and 81 percent of Democrats support Clinton.

— “Angry” voters prefer Trump over Clinton (by 54 points)

— Fewer Democrats (77 percent) than Republicans (86 percent) are “extremely” or “very” interested in the presidential election right now.

5:45: Clinton campaign knows they have a huge problem with millennials. It was evident during the primary season as well when millennial women were not enthusiastic about her “historic” candidacy.


5:25: But… Trump up four in Colorado and gaining in other “blue” states like Virginia and Maine.


4:32: And that’s it, folks… so Clinton can say she went through the motions of having a press conference. NO questions on the Clinton Foundation.

4:30: Clinton claims she thought she was going to be “fine” and there wasn’t any reason to “make a big fuss about it.”

4:27: Clinton asked when she informed Kaine about her pneumonia. She says “her senior staff knew” and “information was provided to a number of people.” Did she tell Kaine? Not clear as always from her legalese answer. Another Clintonian answer that makes people dislike her so much.

4:25: Clinton is being asked about process and Syria so far. A convenient question about foreign policy.

4:20: Clinton is actually holding a press conference in North Carolina. She slams Trump for calling the pastor who interrupted his speech in Flint a “nervous mess.” [Again, Trump giving Clinton plenty of ammunition with unforced errors.]

3:50: Clinton says this will be the “most consequential vote of our lifetime.” She promises to close her campaign the way she began her career by focusing on opportunities for kids and fairness for families. Clinton says, “like a lot of women,” she has a “tendency to over-prepare.” She says she won’t be the “showman” that Trump is. She is also name-checking Michelle Obama and citing her speech at the Dem. convention.

3:48: Protester at Hillary’s event.

3:47: Clinton trying her best to make the argument that her illness helped her find her “voice” a la the New Hampshire primary in 2008.

3:45: Ivanka firing back at Cosmopolitan:

3:42: Clinton says too many Americans feel like they are “on your own.” Clinton says that goes against everything we stand for as Americans.

3:38: Clinton takes the stage in North Carolina.


She says it’s “great to be back on the campaign trail.” Clinton says she recently had a “cough that turned out to be pneumonia.” She says she tried to “power through it” and decided a “few days of rest” would be good, uttering the same talking points her surrogates have been saying. She said having a few days to herself was actually a gift. She says the campaign trail doesn’t encourage “reflection” and being at home helped her “reconnect” with what the campaign is about. She says when people like her are under the weather, she can take a few days off but millions of Americans cannot. She is now speaking about insurance that is “too expensive” for them to actually use. [Wasn’t Obamacare supposed to take care of that?]

[Trump is speaking to voters to “connect.”]

3:30: Trump within margin of error in MICHIGAN poll. Majority of voters in Michigan OPPOSE admitting more Syrian refugees.

3:25: Strange, indeed:

2:20: Shady & Slick: Clinton Foundation reportedly will not release donors who donate to Bill Clinton’s birthday bash:


1:50: Clinton’s spokesman Brian Fallon will not dispute that the race is “tightening” on CNN and claims that this is the race that they expected all along.

1:30: Seems like Clinton world may be surprised by Trump’s surge:

1:13: Clinton, on her campaign plane, tells reporters she is doing great and will hold a “press avail.” today [what happened to the four corners offense to run out the clock?].

1:05: Trump pulling away in Iowa: 

12:53: Trump is asked about the Fed, and he says it is being “controlled politically” and it won’t raise interests rates until the end of the year.  He says the Fed will go with the “political decision” over the “right decision” every time.

12:52: Trump says H&R Block will be “disaster” after his tax simplification plan is enacted. But he says most other industries will do well like the energy industry. He says we have to get back to rebuilding the country’s infrastructure.

12:51: Transcript of Trump’s speech:



This is what should have been the spot-on message:

Trump’s campaign must stop turning the ball right back over after it gets a turnover in the red zone and avoid giving the media/Clinton allies any opportunities to shift the media cycle away from Clinton’s issues. The more Clinton is in the news, the better Trump’s poll numbers get, as last week showed.



12:47: Trump, speaking about the Supreme Court and other issues, says this election is “so important” and may be the last chance to turn things around to prevent the country from becoming a “large scale Venezuela.”

12:42: Trump slams Clinton for not fulfilling her promise to bring jobs back to New York when she ran for Senate.

12:40: Trump says there is no scenario under which he would default on the U.S. debt, which he says is “absolutely sacred.”

12:37: Trump asked about offsets, and he says that his plan will work out over time. He says the big things re: neutrality is the amount of revenue his plan will generate and the companies that will not leave the country. Trump pivots to companies like Ford leaving the country because taxes are so high and suffocating regulations. He also talks about cutting budgetary costs. Trump also says we need to be compensated for defending countries like Saudi Arabia. He says, “I’m sure they will be thrilled to hear that.” Trump wonders if Saudi Arabia would even exist if we didn’t defend the nation.

12:36: Trump now being interviewed after his speech. Trump talking about his 15% corporate tax rate and how much waste that needs to be cut. Trump talks about a “politically motivated” military that doesn’t buy the generals the equipment that they want and need that probably costs less than some of the wasteful spending that is being done now.


12:31: Media “analysts” seem hysterical about Trump’s economic plan. [Translation: They know his speech/plan will resonate with Middle America… the more the “experts” are agitated, the better Trump probably did.]

12:30: Trump now also gaining on Clinton in Virginia, a state that many pundits had written off.

12:26: Trump promises to only negotiate trade deals that will put American workers first. He now talks about rebuilding the country’s infrastructure. “American hands will rebuild this nation,” he says, echoing what he said last night in Ohio. “American workers will be hired to do the job.”

12:25: Trump again promises that Mexico will pay for the wall. He says the wall is “peanuts” compared to our massive trade deficit with Mexico.

12:19: Trump says he will renegotiate NAFTA or terminate it until a better deal can be signed. He slams China as a “grand master” currency manipulator and vows to impose tariffs on those who manipulate their currency. Trump says just enforcing intellectual property rules will also create plenty of American jobs. Trump promises to stop the “outflow” of jobs from American and open up a “new highway” that will bring jobs back. Trump speaking about “dynamic growth models” and says his economic plan is the most pro-growth plan in the history of the country.

12:17: Trump says many of the special interests funding Clinton’s campaign favor terrible trade deals while the so-called “experts” advising her were in favor of disastrous deals like NAFTA. He says all of these special interests and experts have been proven wrong but the media leap at the chance to interview them regardless. Trump says our manufacturing base has crumbled and households are making less today than in 2000.

12:10: Trump slams needless and job-killing regulations and proposes a “moratorium” on regulations that “are not compelled by Congress or public safety.” He says he will eliminate all needless and job-killing regulations on the books, “and there are plenty of them.” He speaks of various environmental regulations that will shut down coal-powered plants. Trump reminds the audience that Clinton wants to shut down miners and steel workers and “we’re not going to let it happen.”


12:01: Trump says “just look at the math, it works.” He says his economic plan will result in 3.5% annual growth. He is now speaking about his bold tax reform plan that will exempt millions from paying taxes until they start to earn enough to do so. His plan, he says, will offer tax relief to working-class Americans along with his childcare plan. Trump says people earning $5 million, “like the people in this room,” won’t see their taxes change that much and won’t get much of a break.

He promises an “explosion” of growth and vows that wealth that is parked overseas will also be brought back under his plan. “We’ll bring it back and it will only be taxed at the rate of 10% instead of 35%,” he says. “It’s going to be something that will be so phenomenal… far beyond what people even think.” Trump says his tax plan will favor the middle class that built this country “and we will not forget.”


11:58: Trump says the hard-working people Clinton calls “deplorables” are the “most admirable people” he knows, including cops, teachers, blacks, whites, Latinos. He says, above all, they are Americans who love their families and country and want a better future. He says “these are the forgotten men and women”  of this country who don’t have a voice. “I’m running to be their voice,” he says.

11:56: Trump says only donors will prosper under Clinton because she doesn’t have ideas that will create American jobs. He says the only thing Clinton’s plan can offer “is a welfare check, that’s it.”

11:55: Trump says that instead of driving jobs and wealth away, America will be a great magnet for jobs. He says Clinton rejects this optimism and offers more taxes, regulation, and wealth redistribution that will lead to a future of slow growth, declining income, and dwindling opportunities.


[Bill Clinton gave part of his State of the Union address when the wrong speech was loaded in Teleprompter. Trump needs to stop making off-the-cuff comments that can make him seem ridiculous. Last night, he said he’s working harder so he doesn’t feel sorry for Americans who are working harder and earning less. Another stupid off-the-cuff comment that only gives more ammunition to his opponents.]

11:53: Trump says everything that is broken today can be fixed.

11:52: Trump says his economic plan rejects the “cynicism” that says our labor force will keep declining and the pessimism that says our “standard of living can no longer rise.” Trump says today’s economy is one of “no growth and redistribution of wealth. And that’s not going to work.”

11:50: At the Economic Club in New York, Trump first cites his great poll numbers that have clearly put him in a great mood. Trump speaks to the “silent nation of jobless Americans” and says it’s “disgraceful” that politicians allow companies like Ford get away with moving all of its production of small cars to Mexico.


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