Mike Pence Says President Obama and Hillary Clinton ‘Don’t Know We Are At War’


Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama have put the nation at risk with their feckless policies and neither seem to understand the nation is at war, GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence told supporters during his address in Dubuque, Iowa.

The nation is still reeling from a number of terror attacks over the previous weekend that sent dozens to hospitals in New York City and Minnesota, as Pence spoke at Giese Manufacturing, on September 19.

“Weakness arouses evil,” Pence said, as he criticized Obama’s and Hillary’s flawed foreign policy.

“I’m not sure that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama know that we’re at war,” Pence said, adding that Democrats has imposed a “culture of political correctness that is tying the hands of law enforcement here at home.”

“The White House said we are in a ‘narrative’ fight,'” he said. “Well, we’re not in a ‘narrative fight,’ we are in a fight against an ISIS Caliphate that must be confronted and Donald Trump as president will rise up American forces and hunt down ISIS and destroy them at their source.”

The Indiana Governor was citing a statement byWhite House spokesman Josh Earnest on MSNBC. Earnest claimed that the United States was also in a “narrative war” with the terror group ISIS.

“They’ve just been in a narrative of denial,” Pence said of the Democrats’ response to the continued attacks on the homeland.

“It is truly a miracle of God that no one lost their life over the weekend in terrorist attacks. I would submit to you that the weak and feckless policy of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has emboldened our enemies and weakened our country,” he said.

Obama’s deputies have also “been misadministering this nation with regard to our immigration policies,” he said.

Pence then relayed the news that the Obama administration accidentally gave legal status to over 800 illegals who were slated for deportation. Trump will “put the safety and security of the American people first, and always,” he added.

The Indiana Governor and VP nominee also criticized Hillary for saying that Trump’s rhetoric was “giving comfort to our enemies.”

“Well, Hillary I’ve got a message for you. Strength does not give comfort to our adversaries, weakness does,” Pence said.

Pence went on to note that a long list of former generals, as well as the 330,000 members of the Fraternal Order of Police, have endorsed Trump.

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