Trump Mocks Clinton’s Small Crowds: ‘She had 200 People…Maybe 300’

Trump Crowd Hillary Crowd
Washington, DC

Donald Trump is mocking Hillary Clinton for her small crowds compared to the thousands who attend his campaign rallies.

“I like what we have together. What we have together is special,” Trump stated while speaking in Kenansville, North Carolina on Tuesday evening. “I have to say, we have rallies like this and we have seven, eight, nine, ten thousand routinely…no matter where we go.”

“Hillary goes out for rallies and yesterday I think she had 200 people…maybe 300,” the Republican nominee jabbed.

As Breitbart News’s Michelle Moons reported, Trump drew a crowd of roughly 8,000 in Florida on Monday while Clinton held a campaign event in Pennsylvania with an estimated 200 people.

“Clinton doesn’t see you as people to serve but subjects to rule over,” he told the audience at his rally, delivering a populist message.

“Our campaign is about breaking up the special interest monopoly,” he declared, adding that on Nov. 8 the special interest “gravy train” will come to a stop. “You are the people that make the country run.”

Trump’s rally in Kenansville was his second of the day, as he held an event in High Point, North Carolina earlier in the afternoon.

The New Yorker also stopped for BBQ and took photographs with voters.