Polls: Donald Trump Pulls Away In Iowa and Georgia, Ties Hillary Clinton In Colorado, Closes Gap In Virginia


NEW YORK CITY, New York — Just a few days before the all-important first debate, Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump has pulled a whopping seven points ahead of Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton in the all-important battleground state of Iowa.

The new Quinnipiac University poll of 612 likely Iowa voters finds Donald Trump, at 44 percent, beating Clinton’s mere 37 percent well outside the margin of error of 4 percent. Libertarian Gary Johnson gets 10 percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein gets 2 percent. That poll was conducted from Sept. 13 to Sept. 21.

“Donald Trump is running better in Iowa than other Midwestern states and that shows in his lead in this poll. He has a slight lead among independent voters, but his margin there may be heavily tied to demographics. Iowa, with a voting bloc that is overwhelmingly white, lacks the kind of large minority population that has fueled Hillary Clinton’s lead in some of the large industrial states,” Assistant Director of the Quinnipiac Poll Peter Brown said.

Over in Colorado, Trump ties Hillary Clinton in a two-way race at 47 percent apiece. In the four-way matchup, Clinton pulls 44 percent to Trump’s 42 percent—and 10 percent for Johnson and 2 percent for Stein. This poll, which was also conducted from Sept. 13 to Sept. 21 and sampled 644 likely Colorado voters, has a margin of error of 3.9 percent. That means Clinton’s two point lead in the four-way race is negligible, as it’s a statistical tie when polled that way—essentially the exact same as the two-way race where they are actually tied.

“Once a red state, headed towards blue, you can’t get more purple than a tie and that’s where Colorado is as Election Day approaches,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, about the Colorado results.

Trump also has closed the gap in Virginia, from where Clinton’s running mate Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) hails. In the Old Dominion, Clinton’s 45 percent is just 6 points ahead of Trump’s 39 percent—with Johnson pulling 8 percent and Stein pulling 1 percent. That survey of 659 likely Virginia voters was also conducted from Sept. 13 to Sept. 21 with a margin of error of 3.8 percent.

Down in Georgia, a red state that Hillary Clinton had been hoping to peel off from Trump, the billionaire businessman has zoomed ahead to a sizable and perhaps unstoppable lead of 7 points. Trump is at 47 percent to Clinton’s 40 percent, with Johnson at 7 percent. This survey from Quinnipiac polled 638 likely voters from Sept. 13 to Sept. 21, with a margin of error of 3.9 percent—and likely dashes any hopes that Clinton has in Georgia of some kind of upset.

These new promising polls for Trump come on the heels of Fox News polls in Nevada, Ohio and North Carolina that showed him with leads in all three states as well.


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