Mike Pence Mocks Media Coverage of Trump: ‘This Sh*t Really Is Fun to Watch’

Pence appears in Manchester at Penn Waste plant

Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence mocked the media hysteria surrounding Donald Trump’s candidacy on Monday night. “Almost every day, they come up with something new and different,” he said at an Ashland, Virginia rally. “They say, ‘Now we’ve got him! Now he said this. We can parse that.'”

“‘He tweeted this!'” Pence continued with a laugh. “And then they think they finally got him, and then they turn on the television the next morning and Donald Trump is still standing stronger than ever before and fighting for the American people.”

“This shit really is fun to watch,” he added.


Pence will debate Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine Tuesday night at 9 PM EST.


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