Trump in Nevada Vows to Help ‘Millions of Latinos Trapped in Poverty’

Trump Latinos Nevada

Donald Trump campaigned in Nevada on Wednesday, where he attempted to appeal to Latino voters, as roughly 28 percent of Nevada’s population is Hispanic.

“We’re also going to fix our inner cities and help Latino Americans and African Americans — it’s time,” Trump stated during a campaign rally Wednesday afternoon at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. “Latino — who’s Latino in this audience?”

Trump’s stop in Reno was his second campaign rally of the day as he also held a rally in Henderson, Nevada Wednesday morning.

“Forty-five percent of African American children under the age of six live in total poverty,” Trump continued, addressing minority voters in Reno. “The Democrats like Hillary Clinton have run the inner cities for 50, 60 , 70 — even 100 years uninterrupted. They produced only more joblessness, failing schools, and horrible, horrible crime.”

“I’m also going to fight to help millions of Latinos trapped in poverty,” Trump vowed.


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