Humane Society: Donald Trump Presidency ‘A Threat to Animals Everywhere’

Humane Society Anti-Trump

An October 5 Humane Society ad warns that a Donald Trump presidency would be bad for animals because Trump’s sons hunt and his agricultural advisers allegedly support confining pigs to close quarters when raised for slaughter.

The ad opens with a photo of Trump’s sons holding a big cat while a narrator says, “Trump’s sons, they’re trophy hunters of elephants and rare species. Don Jr. is floated to be Interior Secretary.”

The camera then shows photos of Trump’s agricultural advisers intermingled with photos of pigs in metal stalls, a dirty puppy, and a horse. The narrator says, “Trump’s agricultural advisers support confining pigs, like this, allowing cruel puppy meals, even making horse slaughter legal. It’s a frightening picture. A Trump presidency would be a threat to animals everywhere.”

On September 19 Breitbart News reported a Trump ad in which he pledged to protect hunting and fishing, along with the Second Amendment. The ad started with Donald Jr. urging hunters to be vocal and stand up for their traditions. He warned, “If you don’t start being vocal, if you don’t show up and vote your conscience on these things, it’s going to be gone.”

Donald Jr. was followed by law enforcement personnel, television personalities, farmers, and celebrities. It closed with Trump saying:

I’m so happy and thrilled to have the support of America’s sportsmen and sportswomen. Hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities are favorite pastimes across America, passed down from generation to generation. Just incredible. Law-abiding gun owners across this nation are at risk. Political correctness, Hillary Clinton, and Washington insiders are trying to take away our Second Amendment rights–and they’re really trying hard, like never ever before. That’s wrong, and it won’t happen when I’m president.

AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly at


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