***Live Updates*** Trump vs. Hillary, Round Two

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton walks past during the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri on October 9, 2016. / AFP / Paul J. Richards (Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off in tonight’s presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis. The second presidential debate will be a town hall event where supposedly “undecided” voters selected by Gallup will ask the candidates half of the questions.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz will moderate the debate and try to put the focus on Trump’s vulgar locker-room talk that occurred nearly a decade ago and for which Trump has expressed regret and apologized.

Trump’s challenge will be to convince undecided voters that though he is nowhere near perfect, he will always put America first while Clinton will side with the globalists. Trump has to convince voters tonight that he is like the athlete whom everyone hates when he is on the other team but needs on theirs. Will he be up to the task?

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11:38: On her campaign plane, Hillary Clinton is asked how she think she did in tonight’s debate. Wow, tough question. Clinton repeats talking points about how she thinks Trump is not fit to be president. Clinton ignores question about what Bill Clinton said to her after the debate. She keeps avoiding the question about what Bill Clinton said to her after the debate.

11:33: Why don’t the media want to ask about immigration policy?



11:20: When pressed about Trump’s remarks on the video tape, Rudy Giuliani on MSNBC says he’s played golf with Bill Clinton and Clinton has said worse. He also says that whatever Trump said, Bill Clinton actually did much worse.

11:15: Mainstream media freaking out over Trump’s remarks:



11:07: Interesting:

10:58: Going a bit too far here?



10:52: Good grief:


10:50: Trump’s appeal to Evangelicals:


10:37: Terrible idea to have two moderators in a town hall debate.


10:34: Questioner asks if the candidates have any positive things to say about the other candidate. Clinton says she respects Trump’s children and they say a lot about Donald. Trump says he considers Clinton’s comments about his children to be a nice compliment. Trump says Clinton “doesn’t quit” and “doesn’t give up.” “I tell it like it is,” Trump says. Trump says Clinton is a “fighter” though she disagrees with a lot of what she is fighting for.

10:33: Clinton foreign policy spokesman apologizes for Tweet:


10:30: Clinton promises to defend coal miners but is not pressed about her comments about wanting to put the coal miners out of business. Trump had to bring that point up. She slams Trump for using steel that the Chinese dumped.

10:27: Trump wonders how Clinton made so much money after leaving elected office. He says Clinton made millions because of the power of her office and wonders why she isn’t putting any of her money into the campaign… Trump says he is not beholden to special interests like Clinton.

10:24: Raddatz keeps interrupting Trump and says “we have to get the audience” after she monopolized parts of the debate.

10:21: Cooper asks about Trump about “discipline” and his early morning Tweets about a former Miss Universe’s alleged sex tape. Trump says “Tweeting happens to be a modern-day form of communication.” He says it’s a “very effective way of communication.” “I’m not un-proud of it,” he says.

When asked if Trump has the discipline to be president, Clinton says, “no.” She says it’s in part because “those of who have had the great privilege to see this job up close and know how difficult it is.”

10:20: Raddatz again giving people distrustful of the mainstream press every reason to continue to do so.

10:18: Cooper presses Clinton on her “deplorables” comment. He asks how can Clinton unite a country if she has written off tens of millions of Americans. Clinton says her argument is not with his supporters but with Trump and his “hateful” and “divisive comments.” She claims Trump “incites violence” at rallies. No mention of left-wing agitators who attacked Trump supporters in places like Chicago and Northern California.

10:14: Trump, in response to questioner, who asks about whether the candidates can be a devoted president for all Americans.. says Clinton has called Americans “deplorables” and he will be a president for “all Americans.” He says he will be the president for “all of the people.” Trump talks about the inner cities and says politicians talk about helping African-Americans and Hispanics in the inner cities and they do  nothing about it. Clinton lists her accomplishments with the Children’s Defense Fund and helping underserved communities in the South. Clinton again brings up the so-called Trump Effect (the study was unscientific).

10:13: Trump points out that when Clinton goes a minute over her allowed time, nobody interrupts. He says the moderators interrupt the second he goes over his time.

10:12: Clinton says it’s not “smart strategy” for American forces to be occupying Syria. She says Trump claims he knows more about ISIS than the generals. “No, he doesn’t” she says.

10:07: Trump says almost everything Clinton has done in foreign policy has been a “mistake” and “disaster.” Trump says Clinton made Iran powerful with possibly “the dumbest deal I have ever seen.” Trump says Iran and Russia are now against us. Trump now says Clinton doesn’t even know who the rebels are. He says he doesn’t know Assad but at least he’s killing ISIS. Raddatz keeps trying to make Trump bad by acting like a know-it-all college professor who knows more than the candidate (this is why the public hates the mainstream press). It seems like Trump is debating Raddatz instead of Clinton. 



10:05: Clinton is asked about Syria. Online questioner makes comparison to the Holocaust. Clinton says there is a determined effort by the Russians to destroy “Aleppo” to get rid of the last of the rebels against Assad. She says she has advocated no-fly and safe zones.

10:03: Is this debate about the moderators or the actual supposedly “undecided” voters? There doesn’t seem to be that much engagement with the actual voters in the room.

9:58: Cooper grills Trump on taxes. He says he used deductions in the tax code that people like Clinton allowed. She says Clinton has wealthy friends who want to keep the carried interest provisions in place. Trump says he pays tax and federal income tax. Trump says Clinton is “all talk and no action.” He keeps bringing up Sanders’s quote about Clinton’s “bad judgment.” He now slams Clinton for creating the vacuum in the Middle East that allowed ISIS to form. “Congratulations, great job,” Trump says. Clinton says she has been in favor of getting rid of carried interests. “Why didn’t you do it?” Trump asks. Clinton says because she was a Senator with a Republican President. “Under our Constitution, presidents have something called veto power,” Clinton shoots back.

9:55: Clinton says Trump lives in an “alternative reality” and “everything Trump has said is not true.” Clinton implies Trump may not have paid taxes for 20 years and she says “Donald always takes care of Donald and people like Donald.” She accuses Trump of wanting to help the rich with his tax plan. It seems like Clinton doesn’t know anything about Trump’s tax plan and is just repeating typical Dem. talking points about Republicans on taxes. Clinton wants the Buffet rule and a surcharge on incomes above $5 million. She claims she wants to invest in hard-working families.

9:54: Trump says Clinton has been there for 30 years and the system has never changed and will never change under Clinton.

[Trump should use this opportunity to frame this election as one between an outsider versus consummate insider but he just is not adept at framing the race in ways he should.[

9:53: Questioner asks what he would change in the tax code to ensure that the wealthy “pay their fair share.” Trump says he would “knock out the tax code” and get rid of the “carried interest provision.”

[These are “undecided” voters?]

9:51: “Honest Abe never lied,” Trump says. “That’s the difference between Abraham Lincoln and you.” He says Clinton got caught lying after the Wikileaks dump and is now blaming Lincoln for her lies. Trump says he has no loans from Russia and doesn’t know anything about the country’s inner workings. He points out that the U.S. government has seen his balance sheet and chose him to do the Old Post Office building. After Clinton calls on Trump to release his taxes, Trump says  people like Warren Buffet and George Soros took “massive deductions.” He says he would be “very proud” to release his taxes after his routine audit is done.

9:48: Clinton now claims that her comments about private/public positions was in reference to Lincoln. [What spin!] She now says Russians are engaged in hacking to get Trump elected and talks up Trump’s praise of Putin. Moderators let Clinton talk, talk, talk off-topic again before Raddatz FINALLY interrupts for one of the first times.

9:45: Clinton claims that terrorist recruiters are using Trump’s words to recruit more terrorists. Trump points out that Clinton went 25 seconds over her time and the moderators didn’t interrupt. Trump points out that Clinton, when she was Secretary of State, didn’t force countries to accept illegal immigrants who committed crimes like murder. Trump says drugs are pouring through our Southern border “at a record clip” and Clinton doesn’t understand the border and wants amnesty. Trump says Clinton’s judgment is so bad that she should never be president.

[Now would be a good time for Trump to point out Clinton’s wikileaks emails about open borders and her need for public/private positions. Raddatz transitions to the question from a voter about whether it is okay for a politician to be two-faced.]

9:43: Raddatz helps Clinton even in her questioning, saying “we know you want tougher vetting.” Again, the moderators are like rasslin’ announcers doing their best to make Clinton get “over” with the audience while trying to turn Trump into the “heel” that that audience hates. Is Trump skilled enough to be the anti-hero and heel that rasslin’ crowds started to love in the Attitude Era like Stone Cold Steve Austin?

9:41: Clinton says “we are not at war with Islam.”  She says she wants a country where citizens like you are welcome just like everyone else. Raddatz piles on, again pressing Trump on his Muslim ban. She asks if Trump supports the Muslim ban. Trump says if he had been president, Captain Kahn would have been alive today because he would not have gone into Iraq like Clinton. He calls him an “American hero.” Raddatz keeps grilling Trump. The moderators have hardly interrogated Clinton tonight. Trump keeps trying to explain his “extreme vetting” program and says Clinton wants more Syrian refugees. “The great Trojan Horse of all time,” he says. Trump says he doesn’t want hundreds of thousands of people from Syria coming in when we don’t know nothing about their values or their love for our country.


9:39: Clinton thanks the questioner for asking the question. She says there have been “divisive” and “dark” things said about Muslims. She brings up Trump’s attacks on the Kahn family. Clinton talks about the country’s famous Muslims and says we just lost one in Muhammad Ali. Clinton says it’s short-sighted and “dangerous” for Trump to be engaged in demagogic comments about Muslims.

[These are “UNDECIDED” voters?]

9:37: Muslim questioner asks Trump about Islamophobia. “You’re right about islamophobia, and that’s a shame,” Trump says, again showing that he wants to appease whomever is speaking to him. But he says we have to get Muslims to report what they see in their communities. Trump now says Clinton and Obama won’t use the term “radical Islamic terrorism” and “before you solve it, you have to say the name.”

9:36: Cooper grills Trump on specifics re: Obamacare/health  (he wants to know how he would get insurance companies to insure uninsured people without a mandate) care while Hillary Clinton smirks as Trump is under fire.

9:32: Trump says Obamacare is a disaster and is only getting worse. He says Obamacare is expensive for those who have it and unbelievably expensive for the country. He says we have to replace it with something that is less expensive and words. He again talks about getting rid of the lines around the states. He says Clinton wants a single-payer plan like Canada and has been after this for years. He says Obamacare is just the first step.

[Trump did not mention that Bill Clinton called it crazy. Anderson Cooper had to do that. Again, lack of preparation showing for Trump.]

9:29: Questioner asks about Obamacare. Cooper tries to give Clinton the first bite at the apple. After Trump starts to answer, Clinton says let him take it. Trump says he’s a gentleman so he will allow Clinton to answer. She says what Donald would have said was that he would repeal it while she will “fix it.” Clinton says people can’t be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions and there are no lifetime limits under Obamacare. She says people under 24 can be on their parents’s plans under Obamacare. She says, though, small businesses need additional help. Clinton says if we repeal Obamacare, “all of those benefits are lost to everybody…” [Classic. Put in a government program and make it impossible to repeal once folks need the benefits.]

9:28: “Okay, Donald,” Clinton says. She says Trump wants to do anything to avoid talking about his “exploding campaign” and GOP establishment Republicans deserting him. Trump says the debate once again is a one-on-three battle.

9:27: Trump says Clinton is again “lying” about her deleted 33,000 emails after getting a subpoena. “I am so disappointed in Congressman, including Republicans, for allowing this to happen,” Trump says. He blasts Bill Clinton for talking to Attorney General Loretta Lynch nearly a month before the matter was decided.

9:25: Clinton says he email scandal was a “mistake” and she’s not “making any excuses about it.”

[Trump has an opportunity to say this election is about his words vs. a candidate who endangered the country’s national security with her private email server. Will he?]

9:24: “Because you’d be in jail,” Trump says after Clinton says she’s glad someone with Trump’s temperament who is in charge of enforcing the country’s laws.

9:23: Trump says people’s lives have been destroyed for doing a fifth of what Clinton has done and she should be ashamed of her actions. Clinton now says “everything” Trump says was absolutely false re: her private emails.

9:19: Clinton claims what “so much of what Trump said is not right.” A very legalese answer. She says “so much” but not “all” or “everything” as she tries to evade the question. She quotes Michelle Obama about going high when they go low. Clinton says everyone can draw their conclusions about the man in the video or the man on stage respects women. Clinton now brings up the Kahn family to evade the question. Funny, the moderators aren’t interrupting her like they did with Trump. Clinton brings up Judge Curiel. She accuses Trump of mocking a disabled reporter. She brings up Trump’s “racist lie” that Obama was not born in the United States. Clinton says Trump has never apologized and owes Obama an apology. Trump says she owes Obama an apology because the Clinton campaign and her allies started the birther controversy. Trump now brings up some vicious commercials Michelle Obama cut in 2008 about Hillary Clinton. He now says Obama defeated her “fair and square” but Clinton didn’t defeat Obama fairly because the election was rigged, citing the Wikileaks email dump. Trump says if he wins, he is going to instruct the Attorney General to get a “special prosecutor to look into your situation.” 

9:17: Raddatz again grills Trump on the tape. Trump says he is not proud of the tape and is a person who has “great respect” for people. Trump says if you look at Bill Clinton, “mine are words” and “his are actions.” Trump says nobody in the history of politics have been as “abusive to women” as Bill Clinton. Trump says Hillary Clinton attacked those victims viciously. Trump now informs the world that Hilary Clinton laughed at a 12-year-old rape victim. “Don’t tell me about words,” Trump says. “But what President Clinton did… When Hillary brings up a point like that…. I think it’s disgraceful and she ought to be ashamed of herself.”

9:12: Cooper gives Clinton a chance to respond. She says she has spent the past 48 hours thinking about the tape. Clinton says she has never questioned the fitness of other GOP candidates to serve and she says “Donald Trump is different.” She says Trump is “not fit to serve” as president. She says Trump claimed the video doesn’t represent who he is but “it represents exactly who he is.” Clinton says Trump has insulted women and ranked women on their appearances while also embarrassing women on television and Twitter. She blasts Trump for “denigrating a former Miss Universe” in harsh and vulgar terms. Clinton says it’s not only the video that raises questions about Trump’s fitness. She accuses Trump now of attacking minorities as well as she desperately tries to cobble together the Obama coalition. [Once again, Clinton schooling Trump on how to pivot. Trump should have said that though he made inappropriate comments, America needs someone who puts America first instead of the special interests and globalists. He needs to frame the election in this manner.]

9:10: Cooper now brings up Trump’s tape. Cooper says Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women. Trump says this is “locker-room talk.” He says he is not proud of it and has apologized for it. Trump says he will knock the hell out of ISIS. Cooper keeps pressing Trump on the tape. He says he has “great respect” for women while Cooper keeps pressing him on whether he has touched women without their consent. “No, I have not,” Trump says before pivoting back to needing borders and making America safe and wealthy again.

9:08: Trump says he entered the campaign because he got tired of seeing “foolish” things being done by politicians. He brings up Obamacare, the Iran Deal (“one-sided transaction” with a “terrorist state”). Trump says America has tremendous potential and brings up the country’s massive trade deficit. He says we’re going to have a “strong border” and “bring back law and order.” “We have to bring back respect to law enforcement,” he says. Trump says he wants to do things that haven’t been done, like fixing the inner cities to help African-Americans and Latinos/Hispanics.

9:06: First questioner asks Clinton about how the last debate could have been rated “MA” and whether the candidates’s behavior is appropriate for today’s youth? (Clinton’s lies re: her private email server is model behavior?) This gives Clinton a perfect opportunity to go over her talking points on a range of issues on various policy issues re: wanting to be a president for “all Americans.”

9:05: Trump and Clinton walk on stage. They seem tense and don’t shake hands.



8:58: Dana Bash in CNN points out that Bill Clinton does not have a good poker face, and he looks very, very uncomfortable tonight at the debate, especially since women who have accused him of sexual assault are in the audience with him.

8:57: Moderators Cooper and Raddatz now being introduced as the debate is about to begin.

8:55: Coulter making great points:

8:42: Trump using new media to go around mainstream media AND forcing mainstream media to cover stories they normally would not have been interested in reporting:

8:39: Trump arrives:

8:36: Good grief. Tweet from failed GOP consultant who has never won a presidential race but loves riding the GOP establishment gravy train:


8:32: Perhaps because this may be the first election in which the globalists are threatened because one of the candidates will now kowtow to their agenda and they don’t have two horses representing the same globalist team in the race?


8:30: Will he inform Americans that Clinton referred to working-class Americans as “deplorables” in this debate? He failed to do so in the last debate.

8:27: Let’s hope, though, that Trump isn’t as stupid as Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly was calling plays in Saturday’s game against NC State and is instead Mike Leach at his best.


8:25: Huh? (see Kathy Shelton’s Tweets below) Mainstream media reporter now says he wouldn’t have reported on the story if he knew it would help a GOP presidential candidate expose Clinton’s hypocrisy?

8:18: Joel makes a great point:




8:05: Todd always cares more about elite GOP leaders who whisper in his ear than actual voters.

8:03: Clinton campaign responds:


8:01: Former Romney strategist referring to Romney’s disastrous 2012 campaign?

7:58: Former Obama Sr. Adviser:

Flashback: Top Obama aide gropes Hillary Clinton cutout:

7:56: Trump should watch Clinton vs. George H.W. Bush in this 1992 town hall debate that may have won Clinton the election. Both Hillary Clinton and Trump have had trouble connecting with voters in these settings.

7:55: Blindsided:

7:50: Trump gets a rare second chance to make a first impression and make the case to voters that this election is about Americanism vs. globalism. Will he make the most of his second opportunity?


Glenn Beck calls Trump an “immoral man who is absent decency or dignity.”

FLASHBACK: Glenn Beck mocked a woman for having a miscarriage, made fun of overweight women, and had racist segments on his radio show. 


7:37: Your holier-than-thou mainstream media:

7:33: Have reporters grilled Clinton like this about the Clinton Foundation, etc.?

7:30: Trump on Facebook live with Juanita Broaddrick (She says actions speak louder than words. She says Trump may have said some bad words but Bill Clinton raped her and Hillary Clinton threatened her. “I don’t think there is any comparison,” she says.):


7:20: Could also be said of Bill Clinton.

7:15: Young voters still like Green Party candidate Jill Stein:

7:11: One silver lining for Trump tonight may be that he may get a rare second chance to make a first impression with voters. Can he frame the race tonight as one between Americanism vs. globalism, as one between a flawed candidate who will always put America First vs. a flawed candidate who has always put the interests of the globalists first in a way he failed to do in the first debate?

7:07: Kind of funny given that so many blue-collar union workers are still considering Trump because they do not like Hillary Clinton’s pro-open-borders agenda.

7:05: It’s worth nothing that the GOP establishment pile on has exposed so much of the hypocrisy on the GOP establishment side. When news about Schwarzenegger’s groping came to light during his gubernatorial run, the GOP establishment all rallied around him and came to his defense.

7:00: Though the mainstream media and both establishments in the permanent political class have piled on on Trump in earnest this week, Clinton has still not put the race away. Why? The bottom line is Hillary Clinton is still a deeply flawed candidate who cannot connect well with voters. In addition, her support of open borders and globalist-first policies have prevented many undecided voters, especially working-class voters, from going to her side. And that’s why, despite all of Trump’s flaws, many of which have been self-inflicted, he still seems like the football team that is only one possession away in the second half from tying up the game despite having committed turnover after turnover throughout the game.


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