Conservative Group Asks Republicans to Vote Against pro-Amnesty Paul Ryan, John McCain


A pro-American activist group is calling on Republican voters in Arizona and Wisconsin to switch their support to Democratic candidates now running against immigration-boosters Sen. John McCain and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

“We’re only doing this in two races — we’re not batting for the other team,” said William Gheen, the founder of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

“Just these two, just this time,” he said, because their defeat will deter establishment-wing Republicans from joining the Democrats in 2017 to push for a nation-changing amnesty.

“We’re looking at this battle from the national level, and on the national level we need people in these local districts to vote for the Democrats to save the nation” from amnesty, he said.

The new vote-splitting strategy is needed because business groups and establishment GOP legislators learned in 2016 how to defeat conservative primary challengers, he said. They’re cooperating closely and spending heavily to block any repeat of the shocking 2014 primary defeat of House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor, he said. Gheen’s group played a major role in Cantor’s defeat, which killed off President Barack Obama’s push for an immigration-expanding “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” in 2014, he said. 

According to the group’s press release:

“We did our best [in 2016] to remove these treasonous politicians McCain and Ryan in the GOP primary, but we could not compete with the incumbent’s vast amount of wealth and advantages in the corporate social and broadcast media,” says William Gheen, President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. “Therefore we are taking the unprecedented step of asking GOP voters to vote for their Democrat challengers only in Wisconsin’s 1st district and Arizona. We oppose all other Democrats because they all support open borders and amnesty for illegals, but we must remove McCain and Ryan because both will oppose [Donald] Trump’s immigration enforcement efforts or back Hillary Clinton’s amnesty efforts! This bold new strategy will allow a small group of Republicans that know the deal to rid America of these corrupt politicians and these two seats will not shift the balance of power to the Democrats in the Senate and House!”

But GOP conservatives can get around the establishment’s new chokehold on the primaries by voting against just two picked Republicans in every national election, he said. “We can kick out two RINO Republicans every election year… it could turn out to a very powerful political weapon,” against the business-backed establishment, he said.

It is a powerful weapon because even a small percentage of GOP supporters in many districts can flip the result away from the establishment by giving a temporary gain to the Democrats, he said.

But to defeat Ryan, roughly 40,000 of his supporters, or about 22 percent of his 2014 support, must flip over to the Democrat.  The same proportion of party switching is also needed to defeat McCain in Arizona.

Still, many GOP voters are strong advocates for pro-American immigration reform, which would curb legal immigration until Americans’ living standards recover and start rising again. For example, 35 percent of the GOP’s primary vote in Wisconsin and 47 percent of the the Arizona primary vote went to Donald Trump this year.

Gheen’s group is nominating McCain and Ryan for defeat because of their long-standing and determined advocacy for amnesty, he said.

If they’re defeated in the general election, then amnesty advocates lose two major leaders while conservatives lose just one seat of their 60-seat majority of 267 Representatives in the House and just one of their 54 sets in the Senate. “The chances that Republicans will lose the House or Senate are low [and] Democrats serving in McCain’s or Ryan’s seats will lack the power [of the majority] to pursue amnesty for illegal immigrants,” Gheen told Breitbart News.

“It is a painful strategic decision we’re making,” Gheen said. “Our loyalty is to the American people, not the Republican Party … and we’re trying to save every citizen’s job that we can from the illegals that McCain and Ryan are responsible” for allowing into the United States, he said.


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