***Live Updates*** Trump, Clinton Share Stage at Annual Al Smith Charity Roast

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A day after their contentious Las Vegas debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will share the stage for the final time this election cycle at the annual Al Smith Dinner in New York.

The candidates will poke fun at themselves and each other at the white-tie fundraiser that benefits Catholic Charities.

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Full video of Trump and Clinton’s remarks:



10:25: Why are they leaking information to BuzzFeed?




9:43: Clinton lectures the audience after her team mocked Catholics.




9:36: Clinton makes a joke about how Obama would get past the “Muslim ban” if Trump became president…

9:35: Clinton jokes that since Kellyanne Conway is an independent contractor, Trump will probably not even pay her.

9:31: Both confirming the worst stereotypes voters have of them tonight. Both candidates showing why public dislikes them both so much.

9:30: Clinton says she is criticized for saying what people want to hear. And she says that’s true tonight before saying this election will be over soon.

9:27: Clinton says Trump looks at the Statue of Liberty and sees a “4” or perhaps a “5.” Clinton says she’s now known for her sense of humor and that’s why it took a village to write her jokes. Clinton jokes she’s the life of every party she has attended and she’s been to three. She says when the party gets out of hand, it’s imperative to have a responsible chaperone to get everyone home safely, and that’s why she picked Tim Kaine. Clinton says it’s smart there’s no Teleprompter because you saw Trump dismantle his. She jokes it’s harder when you’re translating from the original Russian.

9:25: Clinton jokes about the dinner bringing together bitter foes and asks how de Blasio and Cuomo were able to get together. She makes a “basket of adorables” joke. Clinton says Trump should feel free to shout “wrong” whenever she is talking. Clinton says it’s amazing she is speaking after Donald because she didn’t think he would be okay with a “peaceful transition of power.” She says after listening to his speech, she will enjoy listening to Pence deny he ever gave it.

9:21: After Trump gets booed, Clinton now goes to the podium. She says this is such a special event that she took a break from her “rigorous nap schedule” to be here. She says it’s a treat because usually she charges a lot for speeches like this. Clinton talks about the “fiery populist” Al Smith and says he would be very proud of how much money they’ve raised for needy children. She says if he saw this room full of plutocrats celebrating his legacy, he would be very confused. Clinton also jokes that she may not be eligible for Sainthood but getting through three debates with Trump has to count for a miracle.

9:15: Trump says Clinton isn’t laughing much tonight because she knows all of the jokes, which were given in advance to her by Donna Brazile. Trump also swipes Clinton for protecting to like Catholics and says Clinton knows “it takes a village” and has taken a number of them in Haiti. Trump says he wants to say something nice about Clinton. He says Clinton has been in Washington a long time and knows a lot about how government works. He says according to her sworn testimony, Clinton has forgotten more about government than most of us even know.

9:12: Trump also takes a dig at the mainstream press. He also says that the media is so biased because everyone loves Michelle Obama’s speech but when Melania delivers the same speech, everyone gets on her case. Trump says Hillary is so corrupt that she got kicked off the Watergate Commission. “How corrupt do you have to be to kicked off the Watergate Commission?” he says. Trump says Clinton has been in politics since the 70s and her pitch is the economy is busted and the government is corrupt. Trump says he wasn’t sure Hillary was going to be here tonight because “you didn’t send her invitations by email.”


9:10: Trump said he called Hillary a “nasty woman” last night and after Clinton rattled on and on and on, he doesn’t think badly of Rosie O’Donnell anymore.

9:09: Trump makes hilarious joke about civility. He says Hillary bumped into him and said, “pardon me.” Trump says he told her he would talk about it after he gets into office. Trump says Hillary said he would want Trump to be her Ambassador to Iraq or Afghanistan.

9:07: Trump makes a joke about how he was a “carpenter working for his father.” He says what’s great about the Al Smith Dinner is that even in the rough and tumble world of politics, the candidates are able to have some lighthearted moments.

9:05: Trump gives a “special hello” to all in the room who have “known and loved me for many years.” He says the politicians have asked for his endorsement and always wanted his money. He says when he ran for president as a Republican, they said he is a “no-good, rotten, disgusting scoundrel.” Trump says people thought he may have trouble with self-deprecating jokes. And he says many have think modesty is his best quality, perhaps next to his temperament. Trump says Cardinal Dolan’s property is much more impressive because Trump built his with his beautifully-formed hands while his was built with the hands of God. “No contest,” he says.

9:03: Trump takes the stage after much ribbing and says, “that was good.” He says “this is a helluva dinner.”

8:56: Al Smith IV back at the podium. He apologizes to de Blasio because he couldn’t be seated to the left of everyone. He kids that there were rumors that Trump wasn’t going to show up tonight because “he wanted to keep us in suspense.”

8:25: Trump due to speak first:






7:48: Neither candidate has a good sense of comedic timing, so the night should be interesting:



7:35: Trump wins when he talks about trade and immigration. But once again, he failed to effectively deliver his “America First” message last night when he had a chance to do so in an unfiltered way before more than 70 million viewers. He unveiled is “American Desk” proposal today, but the Al Smith Dinner will dominate the news coverage. Yet again, another opportunity lost last night for the unprepared candidate. A day late and a dollar short yet again.

(CNN’s focus group also determined that Trump was more trustworthy on immigration than Clinton.)


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