U.S. News and World Report: Trump Targets Michigan, Wisconsin, Blue States as Clinton Struggles

Trump Campaigns Michigan AP

In the final days of the 2016 presidential election campaign, Donald Trump has been showing up in the traditionally blue states of Michigan and Wisconsin. His efforts there have been called both bold and misguided by the press.

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One week from Election Day, Donald Trump is spending precious time campaigning in blue states that haven’t been carried by a Republican presidential candidate in a generation.

On Monday, the GOP nominee made two stops in Michigan and is scheduled to stump in Wisconsin on Tuesday evening. It’s an itinerary that is baffling some longtime political analysts in that many see the pair of states as a fool’s errand, especially when Trump remains either tied or slightly behind in some of the premier conventional battleground states he must carry to have a chance at the presidency.

The bold moves are either a sign of supreme confidence or utter self-delusion.

The last Republican White House nominee to carry Michigan was Vice President George Bush in 1988; President Ronald Reagan was the last GOPer to win Wisconsin in 1984.

But the Trump campaign claims its internal polling is showing the New York City billionaire briskly closing within striking distance of Hillary Clinton in traditional blue bastions across the map, the product of a national tightening that has occurred in the race over the last week.

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