Trump Campaign Launches New TV, Radio Ads One Week ahead of Election Day

Trump Ad Stronger

Donald Trump’s campaign launched a television ad titled, “Choice” on Tuesday, which will serve as the Republican nominee’s closing argument to American voters ahead of the general election in seven days.

According to the campaign press release, the ad showcases the choice voters have on election day between Trump and his opponent Hillary Clinton. It will air in major markets across the United States.

“At the end of the day, this election is simply a choice between the stale, failing policies of the past, and Mr. Trump’s bright, positive vision of the future,” Trump’s Senior Communications Adviser Jason Miller stated, adding:

The overwhelming majority of Americans believe our country is headed down the wrong path, and this is the direct result of eight years of failures both at home and abroad by the Obama – Clinton administration. On November 8th we will see the American electorate choose Mr. Trump’s platform of unifying, common sense reforms over the careless, disqualifying, corrupt behavior of Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s campaign also released a new radio ad on Tuesday.

The ad, titled, “Stand,” appeals to evangelical voters and features Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell, Jr.

It will air on Christian radio stations in battleground states including Ohio, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, and Arizona.

“Our country is at an important crossroads between a ticket who will defend our Christian values in Donald Trump and Mike Pence, or a candidate in Hillary Clinton who will fund abortions, restrict our religious liberties, and ignore our friends in Israel,” stated Cissie Graham-Lynch, who is the granddaughter of Reverend Billy Graham. “Donald Trump has a list of 21 Supreme Court Justices who will defend our rights, while Hillary will go out of her way to stifle our freedoms. I ask Christians across the country to join me in voting Donald Trump for President, and choosing the path in defense of our shared values.”


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