Exclusive–Ben Carson: The Election Is Not About Trump or Clinton, It is About the Direction of the Country

Dr. Ben Carson AP

The world’s greatest pediatric neurosurgeon and a former GOP candidate for president told Breitbart News he feels the country coming around for Donald J. Trump because of his stands on the issues.

“The election is not about Donald Trump, it is not about Hillary Clinton, it is about the direction of the country,” said Dr. Ben Carson, who is campaigning in Iowa as a surrogate for Trump.

Carson, who was very competitive in the Iowa caucus campaign and finished in fourth with nine percent of the vote, said he enjoyed campaigning in Iowa and interacting with the voters there.

“I was very impressed by how well-versed the people were,” he said. “There might be a town of 400 people and everybody would show up and they all seemed to know what the issues were and asked very good questions.”

Because Iowans are high-knowledge voters, the brain surgeon said they are fully capable of dismissing all the noise that the media is generating to distract them.

President Barack Obama won Iowa in 2008 and in 2012, but this year the state is going for Trump, he said. “People are starting to recognize the implications of putting another progressive in the Oval Office.”

A top concern of Iowans and Americans is the potential for the next president to appoint four Supreme Court Justices and stack the federal benches and courthouses, he said.

Carson said more often than not, when a voter pulled him aside to highlight an issue, it is about the country we are leaving behind for our children and grandchildren.

“I’m getting a lot of people who want to talk about what is going to happen to the future generations in our country because of our reckless fiscal policy,” he said.

“I am also getting a lot of people who want to talk about the toleration of corruption, which, you may know if you are a study of history, is the precursor of the downfall of nations–so many people are accepting it and the people who are not accepting it are quite alarmed that we would lower our standards to that level.”

The surgeon, who endorsed Trump March 11, said after his campaign swing through Iowa he heads to Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona. “After that? We are still working that out, but it’s worthwhile, it’s worth the wear and tear, because we are talking about the future of our country.”


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