Clinton VP Candidate Tim Kaine: FBI Is Working Directly with GOP to Destroy Clinton

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As the last days of the 2016 campaign season wind down, Hillary’s vice presidential running mate, Senator Tim Kaine, is out stating that the FBI and Director James Comey are working directly with Republicans to destroy Hillary Clinton.

With a new interview, Tim Kaine is insisting that the very FBI chief whom Democrats insisted only months ago was free of political motivation and beyond reproach is now all of a sudden a secretive conspirator working behind the scenes to destroy the Democrat nominee for president.

In an interview with, Senator Kaine based his contention that the FBI was working to undermine Clinton solely on a statement by the former Republican Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani. Just prior to Director Comey’s October 28 announcement that the FBI had opened a new investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, Giuliani had said that a “big surprise” was about to come out of the FBI.

Giuliani went on to say that he had heard from individual FBI agents that there was “tremendous anger” inside the Bureau over Comey’s July decision not to recommend that the Department of Justice indict Hillary for her obvious violations of our national security laws. Rudy was hardly alone in mentioning these rumblings, as there were many stories in the media relating that anger.

But as he told, Kaine insisted Rudy’s words somehow “proved” that Comey and the FBI were working directly with the Republicans to destroy Hillary.

Calling the Bureau “a leaky sieve,” Kaine went on to criticize the FBI as a mean political player.

“What’s come out since,” Kaine told, “suggests that it’s probably more likely explained that [Giuliani] knew that the FBI is not only a leaky sieve, but there were people within the FBI actively working — actively working — to try to help the Trump campaign. This just absolutely staggering, and it is a massive blow to the integrity of [the FBI].” Kaine also said Comey felt pressured to release information about the new investigation or risk subordinates doing so if he did not.

Kaine presented no proof for this “actively working” accusation.

Of course, this is a startling accusation in light of the universal praise Democrats lavished on Comey and the FBI when they felt the director had cleared Clinton of wrongdoing in her email scandal.

Tim Kaine himself even called Director Comey a “wonderful” public servant after he seemed to clear Clinton in July.

In fact, only days before Comey’s announcement of a renewed investigation, Kaine was seen heaping praise on the FBI director.

“What I do know is this,” Kaine told Fox News host Bret Baier on October 16, “there was an extensive investigation by the FBI under the direction of a wonderful and tough career public servant, Jim Comey. Jim was in the U.S. Attorny’s Office in the Eastern District of Virginia when I was the mayor of Richmond and he’s somebody with the highest standards of integrity.”

Despite that recent praise, Kaine is now attacking the FBI and Director Comey.

Yet, even as Kaine trashed the FBI as a political saboteur, later in the same interview he attacked Donald Trump for “trashing the democratic institutions in this country” with his campaign trail claims that the “system is rigged” against Republicans.

“Donald Trump, at the end, is trashing the democratic institutions in this country, saying that we can’t run a fair election, saying that he may not respect the outcome of the election demonstrates a deep and profound misunderstanding of the system we have,” Kaine said. “The way I look at it is, if you think that poorly of us, of us voters and officials who run elections, then why are you running to be president?”

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