Exclusive — Sen. Scott Brown: Donald Trump Surging in New Hampshire


NEW YORK CITY, New York — Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, who ran in 2014 in New Hampshire after previously representing Massachusetts, told Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 that Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump is currently surging in New Hampshire.

“People wait until the last two or three or four or five days before they actually make a decision. That’s no different in a statewide race or a national race like this,” Brown said in an interview on Saturday morning. “So you’re seeing the polls, obviously, shift, plus with respect to Clinton—she’s had a terrible three weeks. Every day it’s something new and different and exciting and something that would put me, you, and every one of your listeners in jail. But because it’s a Clinton, there’s two sets of rules: one for them, and one for us. So—and then Trump has obviously been on message and he’s been really, really doing well in terms of handling the messaging associated with what’s happening with the FBI and what’s happening with the pay-to-play.”

A bevy of new polls from the Granite State show Trump tied or in the lead over his Democratic opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton. The latest Breitbart News/Gravis Marketing survey has Trump up two points over Clinton, and he’s up five points in the latest ARG poll. He leads by one point in the latest WBUR poll and is tied in the latest Boston Globe and UMASS Lowell polls. New Hampshire, an all-important early primary state, is also a general election battleground with four precious electoral votes in the presidential race.

Brown said part of the reason Trump is currently surging ahead of Clinton in New Hampshire is the lack of enthusiasm among many Democrats—especially millennials—for Clinton.

“The millennials are not fired up with her like they were with Obama,” Brown said. “They don’t like Hillary. A lot of them were Bernie supporters—and everything that is coming out about the DNC and what Hillary and her team did with Bernie, it really ticks them off. All the rhetoric—‘Oh, you know, we’re going to give you free tuition’—well, that doesn’t help a lot of people in college who are actually there right now, and there’s no way that because they recognize that when they’re coming out they’ll have to pay higher taxes and expenses. There’s not a reality and so they’re kind of onto the game that, ‘Hey by the way, when we come out of college we’re going to be $100,000 in debt, and we’re not going to be able to get a job at McDonald’s.’ That’s the problem for millennials. They’re not enthused. And then they hear Donald Trump saying, ‘You know what? We’re going to create more jobs. We’re going to lower corporate taxes. We’re going to streamline the regulatory process. We’re going to give you opportunities to go out there and do your own thing and make your own mark on this country.’ And they’re kind of like, ‘Yeah, that sounds cool. I want to go do that.’ That’s why I voted for Ronald Reagan back when I was 18 years old because he was the president that said Republicans were the party of opportunity. ‘You work your tail off, you can get ahead.’”

Brown said Trump has solid support from veterans, law enforcement, and first responder communities, as well.

“The veterans, the police, the fire, the EMTs, they’re all going for Donald Trump, unless they’re just so sucked into the Democratic Party they just can’t wiggle, there’s no wiggle room, because the veterans know he’s going to put somebody strong in the VA who’s going to take care of them so they don’t have to fight for health care and jobs,” Brown said. “And then when it comes to improving our military, you look at Pease Air Force Base, which is now obviously a Guard base, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the Bath Iron Works up in Maine, Hanscom in Massachusetts, they get it. The average mom-and-pop small businesses, they recognize that Obamacare is crushing them. I knew this would come up again. It is the number one issue, aside from our national security and our debt and deficit, I believe and always have believed. They’re just dying, and they recognize that you can’t keep your doctor, you can’t keep your healthcare plan, you’re not getting a $2,500 check—and, as a matter of fact, your deductibles are going sky high, your coverages are way down, the costs of the plans are going out of sight. On job growth, you’re talking about part-time crappy jobs—that’s what you’re talking about—and people kind of get it. So those independents are coming out and they’re saying, ‘You know what? Let’s take a shot. Yeah, he’s kind of a nut—they don’t really like how he’s not smooth, he’s not sophisticated, but he’s going to surround himself with guys like Pence and others who are going to right the ship and give us a chance to kind of get on our own way and be a great country again.’”

If Trump doesn’t win, Brown argued, it would be in large part thanks to the GOP establishment organizations that have tried to undermine Trump from the get-go. Even so, Brown said, Trump has been able to get on message in the final weeks of the campaign—contributing to his surge in support despite intra-GOP efforts to “sabotage” him.

“I know when I ran and when any Republican runs, they know what the Democrats are going to do—and MoveOn.org and Emily’s List and [Liberal Billionaire Tom] Steyer and those groups—but they never expect that your own Republicans are going to come at you from behind and sabotage you like all the Super PACs and Never Trump people,” Brown said. “So, he’s been basically on an island the whole time and is a lot of self-inflicted? Yeah, absolutely. He’s made some terrible mistakes. He’s not a politician, so you give him kind of a pass—but if he loses, it’s on him because every time Hillary Clinton threw him a softball, he would be tweeting about Miss America instead of hammering that softball out of the park on the issue that she had given him. There were a lot of unbelievably missed opportunities not only in the debates, but after the debates. But for the last three weeks, he’s actually focused and is firing on what he should have been for months and months. We as a party need to blame ourselves for not supporting the nominee with all his warts and problems because here’s the thing: if you look at his mistakes and the things that he’s got, and you compare them to her mistakes, her mistakes have cost people their lives in Benghazi and families their lives and livelihoods in Libya and our national security, potentially, as we’re seeing now with the WikiLeaks. So what I tell people is, ‘Hey, get rid of all the craziness and crazy stuff you hate about Donald Trump, and just throw that away. And then get all the stuff Hillary Clinton has actually done or being charged with, and throw that away. Then just focus on the issues: Who’s in favor of sanctuary cities? Who’s in favor of more regulation, higher taxes, more government into your life, more intervention into wars? It’s Hillary Clinton. Who wants to end sanctuary cities, lower taxes, strengthen the border? It’s Donald Trump.’ If you just do it like that, then everything else just falls by the wayside, and you say, ‘Man, I’m with Trump,’ and that’s what I think people are doing in New Hampshire and the rest of the country, as well.”

Brown, however, warned of potential trickery by Democrats on Election Day: “Every one of your listeners could go to New Hampshire today—or even Monday night—and stay at a hotel, stay at a friend’s house, and then they could go in the next day without a license, without any ID whatsoever and say, ‘Hi, I’d like to vote.’ They’ll say, ‘Do have a license?’ ‘No.’ ‘Are you domiciled here?’ ‘Yes, I am domiciled here.’ ‘Do you have—have you voted today?’ ‘No, no, I haven’t voted.’ ‘Well, all right, here’s a one, two paragraph affidavit. You sign it, you can vote.’ Well, what does ‘domiciled’ mean? ‘Domiciled’ means that you actually stayed at a hotel that night. Every effort that’s been made by the legislature to provide at least a 30-day residency requirement so they don’t bus the people in from Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts has been stopped by the Democratic Governor Maggie Hassan. So that’s why you actually have to have a Republican governor in there like Chris Sununu, who’s actually going to change that law once and for all.”

He said such actions would not be “shenanigans” because the law allows it—and that’s why he’d like to see Trump surge more in New Hampshire in the final days just to be certain on Election Day.

“It’s not shenanigans. It’s the law. You can do that,” Brown said. “So what they do is they not only do that; they go to the colleges, the Democrats—we did it at UNH and somewhat neutralized it. We didn’t have the tools or resources to do it at the other colleges. But they basically go in and they say, ‘Hey, get on the bus and go vote’ because they’re domiciled in their dorm which is in New Hampshire, and the law is so loose, so what the Democrats do is say, ‘Hey, hey, we’re having a party later! Come on and vote!’ They kind of stroke and joke and give them pizza or give them gift certificates for food or whatever it is to get on the bus. Once they get them on the bus, they literally can bring in people with them, and they don’t let anybody ask them any questions at all. They marshal them in. It’s by the thousands. For me, it was 40,000—and for Romney it was upwards of 100,000. So that’s why it’s important to get a little bit more of a bump than tied or one or two percent. I’d feel more comfortable with three or four percent.”



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