Julian Assange’s Lawyers to Appeal to Donald Trump for Presidential Pardon

Julian Assange
Carl Court/Getty Images

Lawyers for WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange are set to launch an appeal to US President-elect Donald Trump to end criminal investigations over the release of classified documents.

Assange, who is currently seeking asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, is wanted by American authorities after releasing classified documents surrounding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan provided by former US soldier Bradley Manning.

He is also wanted by Swedish authorities over allegations of sexual assault, and was quizzed by prosecutors inside the embassy last week.

Lawyer Jennifer Robinson, who is representing Assange, said that “it is important to remember that he has never been charged and has already been cleared once by the previous prosecutor.”

“Through US counsel, we had reached out to the Obama administration, most recently just a few months ago, and we will continue to do so with future US administrations until the investigation is closed,” she continued.

WikiLeaks had an important role during the presidential election, after the organisation released thousands of leaked emails from Clinton campaign chief John Podesta and from within the Democratic National Committee.

Some of the most explosive revelations from the leaked emails included evidence that DNC Chair Donna Brazile had leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton, a private speech where Hillary Clinton had described her dream of a world with “open borders,” as well as describing the importance of having a “personal and private persona.”

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