The Hill: NeverTrumpers Change Their Tune

The Associated Press

Julian Hattan writes at The Hill that former Republican NeverTrumpers are starting to see the political landscape a bit differently.

During the course of the campaign, President-elect Donald Trumpencountered unprecedented amounts of animosity from within his own party, largely over concerns that he would undermine American security and its role on the global stage.

But more than three weeks after Election Day, some of the same forces that once opposed him are beginning to reckon with the reality of a soon-to-be President Trump, and deciding that it’s better to work with the future commander in chief than against him.

Months ago, Romney excoriated Trump as a “fraud” and “con man” whose “foreign policies would make America and the world less safe.” Now, he has now spent multiple hours trying to win a spot in Trump’s cabinet, offering increasingly flattering praise.

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